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  1. Hi,

    I am currently here in Germany on a tourist visa and will come back to the Philippines to reapply for my family reunification visa. I was very frustrated coz my visa is denied even got a lawyer to fight for me but they really want me to take the A1 certificate which I find very difficuly. I would like to get your opinion on how can I pass this as fast as possible. I am enrolled in a online Goethe institute but I find their lessons not much helpful perhaps a fellow Filipino with same mother tongue will help me :)..

    looking forward to hearing from you


  2. Gluten tag! I just want to ask about getting the visa, for example I will show them proof of our conversation, how it does work? Do I need to print some of our conversation? In viber, Facebook or more? I was really confused about that or I will just let them show my phone?

    Hope to receive your answer!

    • print two to five conversations from your email, Facebook or viber. You cannot bring your phone during the interview.

  3. Hi Anne,

    I’m also from the Philippines and planning to study Masters in Germany. I have the same problem with my application since my bachelor’s degree is only as good as a High School diploma in Germany. Can you enlighten me on other ways to be able to study Masters there? Or are other schools not as strict and will accept a bachelor’s diploma from the Philippines?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Joan,

      You may inquire DAAD or Erasmus Mundus of ways how to study Masters directly. As far as I know, if you inquire directly on universities here, they would really ask you to repeat the bachelor’s since that’s what is in the laws regarding foreign students.

  4. Thank you for the fast response for my question last time! And now I have another question. I don’t know how call center will work in asking for appointment in visa application? How long does it takes? Because I find the rate so expensive but it is a good option for me for I’m living far from manila embassy. And also I’m applying visa as well for my daughter, a baby of 7 months old! Can you help me how does the flow of it will work? For me and for my baby to choose a call center in having an appointment for visa application.

    • The agent would give you the earliest date available, depending on the season. There are peak seasons which might mean a month long of waiting. Call center may give you as early as 1-2weeks waiting or as long as 1 month. When using landline, the call would cost between 800-1000 coz you’ll be setting an appointment for 2. Make sure you have the application form and passport at hand when you called to make the call shorter, most questions of the agent are exactly what is written in the application form, so I suggest to fill out the form, for you and your daughter, before the call to be ready. You may also set an appointment at the venue every Wednesday I think (not sure on this, check the website for the right info which day), but the waiting time might be 2-3 months longer.

  5. Hello Miss. Ann!
    I need your help again, I want to ask if getting tourist visa do I still need to know how to speak german language? And how is the interview goes? Is it in Filipino language or English?

    • No need for language proficiency for tourist visa, pang-fiancé or family reunion visa lang yun. The interview is usually in Filipino language, unless feel ng interviewer mag-english. 🙂

        • usually sino/ relationship mo sa sponsor mo. Anong gagawin sa Germany. Ilang days ang intended stay mo sa Germany. Tips lang, better if di mo isasagad na 90days, usually kasi nadedeny yung mga 90days agad nilalagay for first time tourist visa, kasi medyo unbelievable na may company sa PH na allowing 90 days leave, not unless may business… Are you working there in PH? If yes, need mo ng COE at certificate of leave of absence isubmit together with other docs.

  6. Wala po akong work! Yun pa isa kong worries, tapos plano ko pa po dalhin baby ko sa bakasyon. yung isa ko lang po na proof para maconvince ang embassy na babalik ako at sana di madeny is yung lupa na nabili ko, pero deed of sale pa hawak ko.

  7. hello. id like to know who can assist us when we go to berlin this november. we are going to represent the philippines at the euro pop singing competition. i am the official partner of euro pop here in the philippines and i’d like to hook up with fellow filipinos there. thanks

    • Accepted your request in the group and posted a coment as well calling on other Pinoys in Berlin, hope somebody would reply on that. Wishing you and the team good luck!

  8. Hi Anne, I have come across you blog a few times now, mostly work related of which this question also regards. But first I want to tell you that it’s ace to see how you are helping Philippines (and everyone else) on all sorts of matters regarding moving, going or living in Germany. I have personally moved around quite a bit and is these kind of blogs that has been gold to me, as most government websites usually makes you more confused on they are just simple impossible to find. Keep up the good work I know its appreciated out there!

    The post that I have mainly come across is you post about getting married in Denmark. ( My wife and I just started up a wedding service in Denmark called Getting Married in Denmark ( and would love to be added to your list of websites on your post as we are trying to get our there.

    Please have a look at our site and if you find in suitable then it would be much appreciated, if not, thats also just fine.

    Best Wishes,

  9. Hi there. Will be relocation in Frankfurt and will work somewhere sossenheim area. Would appreciate please if you can suggest the most enonomical place to rest an apartment considering food cost, transpo shops, etc. Any exiting weekend group availalbe, i.e. badminton groups, cycling group, videoke club. etc. Thanks.

    • Hi! I received the exactly same question in email, and I wonder if I am writing to the same person but different nicknames? My answer in the email was quite long, so please confirm, if I am writing the same person, if not, I would be happy to forward you my email to answer your questions.



  10. Hi! Please check this post:

    I know a couple of people who got married in HK and it went well with the visa. After marriage, you have to apply for Family Reunion Visa at the German Embassy in Manila (, not your bf, he can only follow up your application at the Ausländersamt.


  11. Hi , just want ask for advice on how you’ve dealt with money transfer when you moved to Germany. Did you carry cash or did you do bank transfer? if bank transfer does this mean that you should have a bank account in Germany even before moving? Thanks in advanced. 🙂

    • Hi!

      I had BPI account before and withdrew from atm with mastercard/ visa signs. My HSBC credit card was also activated for international transactions. Afterwards I opened an account here. Not sure with money transfer from PH though, since dinala ko lang BPI and HSBC ko for security purposes for my first three months stay here, afterwards all that goes into my German account ay from here in Germany na.

  12. Hi there! Just wanna ask something cos im planning to study in Germany someday. If i take a 4-year course here in Philippines and i only do it until third year. Is it still considered as Abitur in Germany? I heard that if i do a 2-year course here, ill probably need to take a foundation course (called Studienkolleg) for one year in Germany before I can enter college there. But they said that if I do 3 or 4 years here in college, I dont need to take Studienkolleg. Please, I really need answers as soon as possible because it’s the month of May now and its getting closer to June, I’m considering now if I should take a 2-year course or a 4-year course. Thanks!

    • Hi! Yes, 2years means attending Studienkolleg. 3 years means exemption from Studienkolleg BUT your choice of studies is limited to similar program that you started in the Philippines. It can happen that you are eligible only in a few universities. Finishing the 4-year course or lesser, if in a trisemester university (complete with Bachelor diploma) allows you to attend at ANY university and ANY program of your choice.

  13. Hello,

    I’m a german national and just got married to a Filipino here in the Philippines. Ask ko lang kung yung NSO-certified marriage certificate kailangan talaga irequest sa main office nila sa Quezon City? Yun kasi nakalagay sa requirements on the embassy’s website. Thank you!

    • HI!
      not necessarily NSO QC, you can get one too from NSO in your province. Important is that it is printed on NSO Security Paper. I got mine from NSO Lipa City.

      Not necessarily from QC, you can get it also at the NSO Office in your province. Important is that it is printed on theNSO

      • Wow thank you! I was worried that we need to go to the main office kasi yun ang sabi sa requirements nila. You are also from Batangas? I’ll be getting mine in Lipa City as well 😀

  14. Hi! I’m a Korean who graduated high school in the Philippines. I would like to know if I could apply for University In Germany with my high school diploma. If not, what can I do to apply?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi! You can apply at any University, but have to attend and pass the Studienkolleg first (also offered by your chosen University). Just follow the procedures for international students applicants found on the website of the University you wanted to attend.


    • Thanks!!! Can I ask you one more thing?? What can I do to do the studienkolleg?? I heard that there are qualifications ?

      • First, your German proficiency should be at least at B2 level. Then just follow the application procedure on your chosen university. They will then send you an invitation to take an entrance/ acceptance test for Studienkolleg. You have to ensure that you get a high score here, coz they choose the ones who did best in the test. If one fails, he/she loses the student slot in that university. You may apply in several universities but allowed to only take one test, unless you failed, then you can try to apply again. (Note: I am following the info from Uni Frankfurt here, but I assume all universities have similar rules in accepting applicants due to large number of international applicants. The test is more about your language skills, whether you are fit enough to sit in the real class situation in the university.).

      • Btw, the invitation to take the test is enough for student visa application, but the length of stay will really be short (some got only 6months).

    • Your high school degree might not be recognized as sufficient for going to University in Germany, even with Studienkolleg. Usually Philippine college is considered as equivalent to an international baccalaureate, Philippine high school is sometimes not even recognized as equivalent to Grade 10 or Mittlere Reife, only Grade 9.

      With the K-12 program of the Department of Education, they are working on making the Philippine high school degree internationally recognized, but probably it is best to inquire via mail at the Studienkolleg what you need to be able to qualify for German university at the moment.

      • Thank you Sir Irineo for the clarification, I checked the anabin databank again, you are right (sorry Miss Yuri). The other chance to attend the Studienkolleg is if you already had at least 2 years in a university or college.

  15. Hello there! How about if you have a 5-year Bacherlor degree in Engineering? Would it be recognized in Germany?

    • Bachelor diploma from the Philippines is equivalent to Abitur (it is the highschool leaving certificate in Germany enabling the students to attend the formal universities of their choice). In short, it enables you to attend the Bachelor programs if you meet the German language level requirement.

  16. Hello! Ask ko lang kung paano magpaauthenticate ng NSO-issued birth & marriage certificate? I think it should be thru DFA directly and not thru the embassy right?

      • Hello! Yesterday the embassy finally answered my call and they told me na wala silang ganun service, dapat deretso sa DFA. 😦 So kelangan ipaasikaso sa relative since andito na kami pareho ng husband ko.

        • ohhhh… thanks for the information! weird lang, I said they do kasi when hubby processes his Ehefähigkeitszeugnis, he brought my docs to Phil. Embassy consular office in Frankfurt (that time they still have office in Frankfurt) and they processed the authentication for him. He never asked me to do authentication back in PH. Now I no longer know what he said/ did that time why they handled that case.

          Anyway, since the information came first hand from the embassy, then so be it, ask relatives na lang to do it sa atin.

  17. Miss Anne, I just want to know where I should put all the documents for visa application.. Will I place it in a folder and fastened? or place it in a clear book/binder? Salamat.

    • I had mine in sliding folder, not fastened in normal folder kasi ayoko magkabutas sya. Actually, embassy took out my documents lang and gave me back the folder, kasi may folder sila talaga dun with name and reference number.

  18. Hi .
    I just want to ask about CERTIFICATE OF EQUIVALENCE.It is one of the requirement pra ma appove tmyung visa ko.san mo xa kukuhanin?tnx po and God bless

  19. Hi anne wie geht? Thanks for answering my question last time, so i just got married last march and now doing the papers. Here’s the thing 😦 my husband’s name is spelled as Rüd with the Ü since the philippines still uses type writers the ü is not possible to be entered in our marriage cert so it end up as RUD will that affect my FRV? My husband suggest to just put the two dots rather spelling it as rued. I hope someone could answer thanks 🙂 btw do i really need to change my status on my passport?

    • Hi! Honestly, I am not sure if it will affect the FRV, in my case, sa name ng place nila yun mali nilagay, and the embassy didn’t ask me to correct it naman. It’s supposed to be Biebergemünd, but they put in Biebergemund. NEVER WRITE ANYTHING ON YOUR DOCUMENT, it’s a big case of Falsification, mas lalo kang magkakaproblema.

      And it is okay to apply FRV with old passport and just renew your passport in Germany, provided that your passport is not older than 6 months.

  20. Hi Anne, Jann, Jo, and Reena ! I am so glad there is a venue like this to help others who are just so confused and doesn’t know where to start. 🙂

    First of all, I am a professional here in the Philippines (B.S. in Chemical Engineering) and my boyfriend is a German National. We plan to marry within a year or two and I want to work in Germany in the near future ( mid of 2017 sana- whether kasal na kami or hindi pa). And I found out na di pala pwede basta basta mag-apply doon, and you have to get your degree “recognized”. Nag sisimula pa lang naman ako mag-research and medyo nagulat ako na madami palang requirements and nalilito ako. Can someone here please help me?  Baka may experience na kayo. Like a detailed step-by-step on how to get my degree recognized? It would be great if you can also include kung magkano yung fees and gaano katagal antayin yung approval/recognition. And I know that I also have to get the German language certification (A1).

    Also anu maadvise nyo na visa na kunin ko for this situation? Fiance visa na ba agad? Kaso pag ganun kailangan na naming magpakasal agad within 90 days e, di ko lang sure kung pwede nako magtrabaho by then. Advance thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Jess,

      Thank you for visiting our website.

      Your question is a long process and a bit complicated to explain. Please correct me if I am wrong, but your priority for now is to migrate to Germany with working visa right? Marriage is still not in plan. In this case, I would suggest you to try the EU Blue Card since you are an engineer. If you get lucky to find an employer while still in PH, recognition would be easier thru ZAB (information here: and application form and fees are here: Now, the documents needed are here:

      To translate: certified true copies of the following: official diploma of your degree, TOR, and in case these documents are not in English, a German translation of these. Copies (no need for CTC) of the following: work contract (in case of EU Blue Card application), Form 137, passport, legal documents in case there is a change of name (MC in case married), All degrees received before the degree which is to be evaluated in the original language along with a transcript of records. For example: If you apply for the evaluation of a Master’s degree, we also need the Bachelor’s degree. If you apply for the evaluation of your PhD/Doctor’s degree, we also need the Master’s and Bachelor’s degree – provided you received these degrees also, and If you disagree with an authenticity check by the ZAB, please declare your reasons. (cf. note 10 in the application form).

      Please do not hand in original documents!

      The documents will be sent back to you with your Statement of Comparability.We assume no liability for original documents.Please save the environment. Do not send your documents in plastic application folders!

      This process may take up to 3 months after receipt of documents and payment. Now, in case that you decided otherwise to get married first before you start with the recognition, I will provide you a different site, i.e. ChE falls under Engineer, and then you’ll need to provide the location/ city of your residence in Germany. Every region has its specific recognition office for engineering. There would be a series of exams you need to take to be fully recognized in your degree, which I think are in German language, so there is a need that your language is good enough. Usually they require C1 level of German language, but the consultation office can provide you more information about it, I can only give broad info what to expect, etc. This recognition process may take longer than what I mentioned earlier because of possibility of taking up the exams because this is similar to PRC license, i.e.,you are applying for the right to use the “engineer” title. By the way, in this process, your PRC is needed, so don’t forget to bring with you the PRC certificate, also the document with your scores and PRC I.D. (it would be best to have them authenticated/ red ribbon, just to be sure). If you are not after the engineer title naman ay the ZAB recognition is enough to get a job in your field. What I mean is, pwede ka magpa-recognize thru ZAB kahit you are already here in Germany, which may take 3months, and you just need to attach a copy of this certificate of comparability on your CV everytime you apply for a job. Additional info lang, I know an IE who is currently preparing for an exam for the recognition in Chamber of Engineers, and she told me her ZAB recognition enables her to attend Master program in a technical university, which is a good news meaning that the 5 years in is accredited here… telling you this to give you a bit of hope. 😉 If you are on FB, message us in our FB page so I could link you to her to get more info on the recognition procedure that she followed.

      Hope I am able to give you a clearer view of how this recognition system works. Don’t hesitate to ask anytime soon. My email is also open for your questions.

      Good luck and God bless!


  21. Hello anne, im currently working here in dubai and im planning to move or work in germany since my boyfriend want me to move there.. but he suggested me na mag aral ng masteral but i dont wanna coz i cant afford it maybe. The thing is my school documents(diploma and TOR red ribbon)is approved by the UAE and considered as a professional. Im not sure if i can find a job there since my degree is “BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BUSINESS ADDMINISTRATION major in FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT” sorry i really dont have i dea how to proccess it or work on it.

    • Hi! Ask your bf to have your school credentials recognized para malaman if makakawork ka agad here. Please read my post about recognition of foreign degree for more information (… As to masteral, you don’t have to worry for money, free ang university dito, oh well, in a sense na Yung ibabayad mo ay very minimal kasi Yung semester fee ay inclusive of transportation na and unlimited use of library both online and physical use. As far as I’ve heard ay ang university dito sa Amin sa Frankfurt am Main na ang pinakamahal (around 350€)… just take note to attend public universities para free ang studies, because private universities ay talagang mahal (around 1000€ per semester)… there are also stipend to help students financially, and as students, you can work part-time, and companies are very lenient if the employee ay student, they give free days kapag examination week para makaconcentrate sa studies. 😉

  22. Hello, Have you any idea about how to get the driving license in Germany? When I am planning to have permanent residence in Germany? Have you made a license yet? ::)

    • Hi! I personally do not have license here yet, am not sure of Reena. To know more about it, I suggest that you go to nearest Fahrschule. I have heard if you have an international driving license, your driving school hours will be minimized since you already have knowledge of it. Your international driving license is by the way valid only for 3 months upon arrival in Germany.

      I didn’t get your question about permanent residency. Can you please ellaborate your question? Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi! My husband who has an Aufenthaltstitel here was able to attend driving lessons, and will actually be taking his Fahrprüfung tomorrow. 🙂 Like kleineanne said, just check with a driving school, I think there should be no problem in getting a driver’s license.

  23. hi anne, Guten Tag, i just wanna ask if how much the minimum na kailangan sa bank statement if you want to visit Germany?

    • walang specific na stated sa website, but it should be enough to survive the days in Germany, let’s say €45-€50 not including hotel accomodation. They also asks for 6 months copy of your financial statement, so if the money in your bank ay once lang pumasok, kahit na it’s enough for whole stay in Germany, ay 50/50 chances pa din yun. They want yung may stable income in your bank.

  24. hi anne, Thank you for answering my questions last time, ok ill ask again,. i wanna study or take my masteral in germany, do you have any idea if how much money i need to my bank account to study there? since you mentioned also that i can get a part time job there while studying, and im bother also if i need to learn german language if im going to study and look for a part tme job there? i saw your post in facebook regarding german language, you said that each one of us who want to work or migrate in german need to learn german language. and im thinking its really necessary for me to learn german language before illl study there.

    • Hi! There are a lot to consider regarding studies here in Germany. If you want to proceed with Masteral, the first question will be, if your degree is recognized as equivalent to German bachelor degree. According to only state universities from Philippines are fully recognized. Secondly, not all masteral programs require the German language, some programs, esp.those related to international business and finance, are taught in english, so you can actually get through, you’ll need only German to survive everyday life in Germany (shopping, taking public transportation, etc.). However, if you plan to take bachelor program, there will be no problem, you are eligible to take any course you want, but then, most universities require at least C1 level of German (other courses may even require C2, esp. those related to translation). And since you plan to work part-time, it is expected then that you can converse in German, most student jobs are in malls or other establishments as salesperson.

      As for the financial part, if you will come with student visa, you will be asked to have a frozen account at Deutsche Bank, with €8700 amount in it. It will only be accessible for withdrawal once you are in Germany, and there is a limit on the amount to withdraw per day. This amount should also be maintained, at least on the day you renew your student residence permit. For more information on financial resources as a student, please read this:

      But if you come with other visa (married to a German, for example), there is no need for this proof of financial resources.

  25. Good afternoon po! I want to visit Germany po maybe next year. Is it hard to get a visa coming there?

  26. My fiance is Austria: am not sure if you can help me or give tips on what to do. our wedding in Philippines is this coming Jan 2017. do i have to red ribbon my marriage contract when aplying for national visa(familiy reunion)

  27. Gruß dich anne!!!!! Here I am again ^_^ ok soy heres my prob again me and my boyfriend ask an advice to his parents since i cant afford to provide €8700 euro and his parents told us studying masteral is a bit awaste of time so they suggested me to apply a “looking for a job visa???” 6months daw un.. i just wanna ask if you have any idea how much money should i have in my bank account for that??? And how to apply for that also.. and i wanna ask also if its easy to find a job there??? Im a bit worried coz maybe its hard to get a job there.
    Thanks in advance Anne 🙂

    • Tag! The visa is called Jobseeker’s visa (requirements here:

      However, finding a job in your field would be quite a challenge, super daming BWL and VWL bachelor graduates added to that yung finished an Ausbildung in that field (Bürokaufmann oder Industriekaufmann sa Berufschule), the rule in job market kasi ay to prioritize Germans and EU nationals before they offer the job to other citizens. I am telling this not to demotivate ah, but to show you the reality for this field of work here in Germany. It is one of the sought for apprenticeship or degree kasi office work. If it is in the field of engineering and IT sana, it won’t be difficult. Secondly, for this type of visa, you need to submit the certificate of equivalency of your finished degree (check my post about “Applying for Recognition of Foreign Degree”). The bachelor from the Philippines is not automatically equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in Germany. It would depend on which university you graduated and the years of work experience din. And lastly, if you got a sponsor, they just need to get a Verpflichtungserklärung (they should ask the Ausländeramt or Bürgeramt to get it) and you won’t need to show money for the visa, not even a cent.

  28. Hi anne!!! Guten tag! ^^ was long time since i visit your blog. But here i am again ill gonna ask you some questions hehe.. anyways anne my boyfriend and I really wants to be together.. though he can visit me often in dubai(in Philippines soon since im going back to phil for processing my papers) anne we are thinking any other ways for me to go in his place if ever di ma approve yung education ko.. he ask me to ask in your blog.. Anne what are the best ways and the easiest way for me to go in Germany (except marriage coz were both not ready bout that thing coz were both still young) Anne ill appreciate your help and advice.. actually we can only go for marriage option IF theres no other way or theres no other option.. looking forqard for your reply anne.. thanks in advance..

    • Hi! Options are EU Blue Card if your profession is related to engineering and IT. You just need to find an employer and come with working visa. Or with language course student visa with intention to continue at a university. you need a confirmed student slot in any language school or a direct language course at a university of your choice (this course is called DSH Vorbereitungskurs) but of course the university is preferably near your bf para your bf will be your sponsor and would not need to show the approx.8500€ in your German account yearly. You can come with student visa without any A1 german level PROVIDED that you are enrolled first at any language school or got an invitation from the university to take the placement test, your student visa will be extended at Ausländerbehörde here with an option to work part-time once you’ve passed the required language level of the university.

      Good luck! 😊

  29. Hi there. Is it possible to marry in Germany with a Schengen tourist visa? and what to do after marriage for me to stay in Germany legally? I am a Filipino and my boyfriend is German.

  30. Hi Anne, Jann, Jo, and Reena,

    My name is Minh and I am from Vietnam. My husband is Spanish and I am currently living in Spain with my Spanish residence permit. We are gonna move to Ingolstadt in May due to my husband’s secondment.

    I have a few questions for which I would really appreciate if you could help to answer:

    1. Do I still need to get a residence permit in Germany even though I already have a residence permit in Spain and the non-EU family member card issued by Spanish Immigration Office?

    2. Which are the recommended parts of Ingolstadt for families with toddlers to live?

    3. My son is 19 months old. I want to enrol him in a krippe/kita in Ingolstadt. However, from what I’ve read, it is very difficult to get a slot. And to be honest, I don’t know where to start as I don’t know any German. Should I just get in touch with the nurseries by email before we arrive and ask for an appointment to see the school?

    4. I know that there is an international school called Swiss International School in Ingolstadt for children from age 3. I am considering sending my son to this school when he turns 3 but I can’t find any reviews about this school. If you or someone you know has the experience about this school, could you please let me know.

    Thank you very much,

    • 1. Yes, you will need a residence permit here in Germany since you are still a holder of Vietnam passport.

      2. I live in Hesse and I am not quite familiar on places in Ingolstadt. Been there once but we stayed only at a camping place near the lake. But generally, I find every city here in Germany family-friendly.

      For KiTa information and SIS, I am sorry but I have no idea about it but I will ask our other blogger, Christina, if she has any idea since she lives in München.


    • Hello Minh,

      What a coincidence! I live in Ingolstadt! Is your husband going to work in Audi? I know a lot about now about Ingolstadt so feel free to ask me or even contact me once you arrive here. To answer your questions ;

      1.Yes, you need a residence permit to be able to live here. My husband is Dutch (EU national ) and I am non-EU. You will enter Germany under a valid visa ( Schengen/tourist) and then you need to register once you arrive here together with your husband & son. Make sure you prepare all the needed docs with German translation since the Aufenhaltstitel is being processed within 3-4 months, depending how it goes in the Auslandbehörde.

      2. Depending on your budget of course. Ingolstadt is a very safe place and our area is very kid-friendly. We are near to parks, supermarkets, schools and the public transportation is accessible. Ingolstadt is a small city with roughly 135 thousand residents and can be explored in a day!

      3. Applying for Kita here in Germany is hard. Hard in a way that it follows a process of enlistment/allotment of slots. Depending on your area, you can check the Kita that is available there. The semester starts by September, so if you arrive by May, you might not have any slot and you will only be put in the waiting list. We arrived here last end of June last year, just in time for their summer break and no vacancy in almost Kita that I applied for my daughter. I composed a letter in German and sent it all to the Kita so they know that I am serious to get a space. I also follow up by calling them. Last January, almost all Kita had their opening Day and once again, we apply again. Hopefully we hear positive response from one of the Kindergarten for the September term this month. Normally, their priority is that your child is 3 years old, and the status of the parents. The thing is- you will wait so you need to be prepared for this. You can also get the Tagesmutter (day mother) or put your child in other day care service if you found one.

      4.SIS is a bilingual school. My friend works there as a teacher. They had an opening day last Saturday.Just like any other Kita, it works the same as the other Kita. You can get in if you have a slot free. Here in Germany, even while your still pregnant, you already apply for your child in Kita!

      If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us again.
      Goodluck on the move & see you soon in Ingolstadt!
      ~ Christina

      • Hi!
        I am here in dubai right now for working purposes, my husband was planning to apply a family visa for me going to germany for good, My question is do i need to learn there language first , or have possible i can come to germany with out hustle actually my husband is EU citizen, or any option that can share base on your experience?
        Please give me idea what do i need for? Thank you very much

        Fyi: Here is my email can contact me and suggest what should i do. any comments/advice are highly appreciated:)

        • Hi Mae,

          I am quite confused. You said in your email, he is a German. Is he an EU citizen living in Germany (ex.a Dane, Polish, or Spanish) or what? If your case is like Minh’s, you don’t need the German language certificate since the husband is a non-German EU citizen.

  31. Hi! I heard that Germany recognizes if you university degree if you are a graduate from University of the Philippines. Is this correct? I plan to apply for a job in Germany and i had my bachelors degree from another university (not from UP) and I plan to have my Masters Degree from UP. Is it possible that my academic credentials be acknowledged?

    • As far as I understand the recognition process, UP graduates are accredited in a way that for example, you want to study master degree here, you can directly apply to it without taking units in bachelor program. However, if you mean working here in Germany, diploma is not enough to get a job directly, you will also need to provide that you have enough experience on that said profession to be fully recognized and be granted an EU blue card visa. I know someone who’s a graduate of UE but because she has enough work experience, she is able to practice her profession without going back to school.

      • Hi Anne! In the case of that person you know from UE, how did she go about the ZAB assessment? Did she sent work-related documents? Or she got exempted from the ZAB requirements at all?

          • Thanks Anne! But as far as I know the COE is a requirement for ZAB assessment when applying for blue card. Would you have any other info on how she got her bachelor degree recognized by ZAB?

          • She came here with family reunion visa and since she wanted to practice her profession (accountant), she tried the ZAB assessment and her bachelor degree was fully recognized. Yun lang info sinabi nya, she submitted previous CoEs together with other documents (if I remember it right, pati PRC documents).

  32. Hi Anne! I just recently stumbled upon this blog and it’s been really helpful (I read through all the previous comments and some of them already have the answers to some of my questions) although I still got a couple of questions unanswered since my predicament is a bit…different, I suppose.

    Let me make a quick summary about myself first: I am a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication graduate from
    University of the Philippines, Diliman. I’m currently working here in Dubai for 4, almost 5 years now as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. My partner is German and she (yes, we are a lesbian couple) and I are looking for ways to get me into Germany as soon as possible. We’re both still a bit young, both 26 of age and just pretty much still at the beginning of our careers (she’s still in her Apprenticeship as a Math and Biology teacher) so we’re not entirely sure where to start though we’ve done a bit of research and this is what we have so far:

    1) from what i’ve read so far, UP Bachelors Degrees are recognized in Germany. I already have my Degree and Diploma translated in English and Red Ribboned from DFA and is already authenticated in UAE. Is there anyway for me to get my Degree recognized here from Dubai or do I have to send it all the way to Germany? Would they require the original copy of my documents?

    2) i read about job seekers visa from the previous comments and i understand that it will only grant me 6 months maximum in Germany, and I would need an amount of €8700 in my bank account as proof that I would be able support myself in this 6 months of stay (this is saying that i don’t have a sponsor but really, i prefer not to rely to much on my partner) correct? Say, in the span of 6 months and i still haven’t managed to find a job, would i need to exit Germany immediately or is there anyway to extend or reapply for the same visa from Germany itself? Can i even apply for another job seekers visa after the first one expires?

    3) What is an EU Blue Card and am I eligible for this kind of visa? Or is it only for engineers and IT professionals?

    4) my partner and I did more research for other options on my visa and discovered the Freelancer’s visa that I can get only in Berlin (i’m not entirely sure about this piece of information). Do you know anything about this type of visa? How long does this visa last and how often do i have to get it renewed?

    5) there’s this other option of getting a Masters Degree but I dunno how many public universities in Germany would offer a Masters course in Arts. I haven’t looked into it myself but my partner did say my line of field is not normally offered in public universities and would require me to go to the special ones where I would have to shell out thousands of euros or so just for a semester. Do you know any public universities that would offer Masters Degree in Arts and/or Illustration in Germany? Can i simply take German language courses instead?

    That’s it for now. Pasensya na sa mahaaaabang comment, medyo lost lang talaga kami ng partner ko and we are unsure where to start. Our last resort would be getting engaged or married but we don’t really want to pressure ourselves into that plus we don’t know how immigration laws apply to same-sex couples. Though if you have any information on that as well, we would be extremely grateful.

    Thanks again and awaiting your response!

    • Hi! I will try to answer the points that I only know, kasi cities here sometimes varies on the way they process residency.

      1. The only office who can process your diploma recognition is ZAB, or Central Office for Foreign Education. Please check my post about the recognition, I had posted there the address where you need to send your documents. You do not need to submit the original, they should however be authenticated copies (red ribbon), which you’ve already done.

      2. Sorry, but I do not know anyone personally who came with jobseeker’s visa and did not find any job after 6 months, hence, I cannot answer if you can try the same visa again.

      3. EU Blue card is for any professional who got to find a job here with an annual gross income of at least €50,800 for any university degree (usually for researchers), or €39,624 for skilled workers. This is also issued only after you come to Germany with working visa, i.e., you should already have an employer.

      4. This is the first time I heard of freelancer visa, but it is possible because there are a lot of artists and start up musicians who are living in Berlin. You can come here with jobseeker visa, because a normal tourist visa does not allow you to work, whereas the jobseeker visa eligibles you to work, and once here, you just have to go to the appropriate office and register as a freelancer. Somewhat similar with my post about registering as a freelance. Or for more information, please check this blog of a freelance artist in Berlin or directly the Berlin website.

      5. I found four state universities offering master degree for visual arts: There are courses that I think require only IELTS, whereas some need a C1 level of German, which you can take directly in the university via DSH Vorbereitungskurs (your partner might have heard about it since she is a teacher and might have known some international students during her studies).

      So, I guess, it is not bad to try the jobseeker’s visa since you are an artist and Berlin is the best place for artists.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot, Anne! I’ll take your advice and work on getting that Jobseeker’s visa, maybe even the Freelancer visa as well if I manage to eventually get to Berlin.

        Just a few more questions regarding the Degree recognition: say I sent the Authenticated copies of my documents to ZAB, will they return the same documents to me after three months with a recognition stamp? Or will they keep the documents and just send me a Recognition Certificate of some sort?

        I’m also planning to visit Germany in August or October. Would it be ok for me to get the Recognition done while I’m there on tourist visa or would that be a terrible, TERRIBLE idea? :p

        • I think they will only send the certificate back, that’s why they mentioned in the website to never send any original document. It is okay to start the recognition when you come here for vacation, that is fine.

          • Guten Tag, Anne! I just came back from a short visit in Germany at may updates ako at mga bagong katanungan 😀

            So UPDATE:
            I have decided to go for Job Seeker’s Visa like you’ve suggested. 🙂 I’m currently in the process of gathering all the documents at the moment. Naasikaso namin ng partner ko yung Recognition of Foreign Degree at yung Proof of Accomodation part ng requirements habang andun ako sa Germany. Kaka-email lang sakin ng ZAB yung Gebührenbescheid nung application ko kahapon so after ko siyang bayaran, hopefully ma-process kagad siya at ma-mail nila agad sakin. As for accomodation, we got a contract copy of my partner’s apartment from the owner company, Allbau. She also wrote a letter in 2 versions — German and English — for me stating that she will let me live in the apartment with her during the period of my Job Seeker’s Visa, free of accomodation charges.

            Aaaand eto ang aking mga katanungan:

            1. One of the sections on the application form for Job Seeker’s Visa is the date of the intended stay. Our initial plan was for me to get there around the beginning of August next year during her Summer break from school as a teacher so she can also teach me and get me to grips with the whole Germany daily lifestyle, commuting, etc. Pero naisip-isip nya, baka mahirapan akong maghanap ng trabaho in August since nakabakasyon din yung mga tao dyan so baka wala daw pumansin sa application ko. Since I only have 6 months, what do you think is the good time to go there and look for a job?

            2. As of proof of financial means, we’ve been researching but we always get mixed answers and info regarding this. Di namin sure kung required ba talaga na mag-open ng blocked bank account in Germany or keri lang na mag-open lang ako ng normal German bank account. May mga nagsasabi na it’s a must pero meron ding nagsasabi na ok lang na mag-open ako ng Deutsche Bank account kahit dito sa branch nila sa Dubai. Ano sa tingin mo?

            3. Another financial question: Di ko mahanap kung ano ang minimum fund requirement na nakalagay sa bank account since di siya naka-sulat sa official list of requirements. An fb page says that I need 660 Euros a month (3960 for the entire 6 months) pero doubtful ako kasi yung requirement nila for Student visa is 720 Euros per month. Any idea kung magkano talaga siya?

            4. Language. Nag-seself study na ako ng German ng mga 3 months na siguro. Reading level ko is a lot higher than my speaking at listening level, that’s for sure, pero wala akong masabi habang nasa Germany ako during the vacation kundi “Wie bitte?” at “Entschuldigung, ich verstehe nicht. Uhm…Sprechen Sie Englisch?” Hahaha so may tips ka ba para ma-practice ang German listening and speaking? I can always practice with my partner and we do that sometimes pero most of the time we’re so tired and stress from work na we just revert to English para mabilis at less stress. Meron ba kayong language help group na pwede akong magjoin for practice during my free time? 🙂

            Sorry for the long message again! Vielen dank für deine Hilfe!
            – Ix

          • Hi! I can feel you had a nice time in DE. 😊 I hope for a fast and positive result sa recognition ng diploma mo. Now, about your questions…

            1. I think best time would be starting spring season. True, medyo mahirap pag summer kasi usually mga practicum ang asa work, may magpprocess but the decision might take long kasi possible na on vacation nga yung last person to decide. So I think safe na ang spring. Autumn is fine too kasi may autumn break din for teachers, however, malamig na un, andaming adjustment for you in one go: weather, culture and job search. You can ask your partner din honestly kasi mas aware sya sa work environment kesa sa kin na work from home. 😊

            2 & 3. I checked on the requirements list and another option is thru a sponsor with a formal obligation (fo). I think with fo ay they will not bother to look at your own bank account na kahit magkano pa laman nyan or if it’s a normal DB account at hindi ung blocked. But if you will go on with blocked account, I would rather follow the 720€, mas ok na malaki laman kesa realized at the end kulang pala. The student visa requires 720€ kasi included dun university fees, accomodation, food, etc., for a jobseeker ay (1) you already have an accomodation thru your partner, and (2) you don’t have university fees to pay, you just have to worry about your basic needs i.e. food and clothings, kaya you found info na smaller amount needed.

            4. For listening skills, check Deutsche Welle langsam gesprochene Nachrichten to train your ears, you can also listen to it at normal tempo. There are other multimedia materials there too that would be helpful sa listening skills. Visit Speaking skills ay practice talaga kelangan. I used to admin a group of Filipinos learning German sa FB but I deleted the group lately kasi I have not enough time na to upload exercises. One member there mentioned once that she installed a tandem app where she gets to chat with locals learning english in return. Might be helpful for you as well, chatting is a bit similar with speaking since you need to reply ASAP. Search tandem apps in Google or check out FB pages for learning German, there are lots of members there worldwide searching for tandem partners.

  33. Dear Anne:

    Such an amazing blog. Very informative and helpful.
    I am from Asia and just finished my master degree in south Germany, a town bordering Switzerland . I have lived in Germany since 2015. I will change my residence permit from student visa to 18 months job seeking visa this month. My German boyfriend (works and lives in zurich but come back Germany every weekend ) and me are planning to get married this September.
    My question is about applying German citizenship through marriage,lets say after 2 years marriage can I apply German citizenship even my German boyfriend lives and registers in Switzerland, I live and register in Germany?( Assume I fulfil with other conditions)

    Thanks so much for your reply.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best regards

    • The requirement for citizenship is that you live together for 3years as husband and wife , else you have to wait until you reach 8years of residency in Germany

  34. Hi Anne,

    I have a few questions regarding degree recognition and EU Blue Card.

    I have been offered a job in Germany. I am currently in Manila. Contracts signed already on both sides via post. My employer hired an agency (also in Germany) to process pre-approval from Federal Employment Agency in Germany and for my EU Blue Card Elligibility.

    1. Would you know what is this pre-approval and EU Card eligibility for? I understand the purpose of the EU Blue card but not the „pre-approval and eligibility“ application process my relocation agency in Germany is pursuing. Will I get a document from this application process to present upon my visa interview here in Philippines?

    2. My degree is not on Anabin but the agency still pushed through on application for pre-approval and EU Blue Card eligibility. Does the Federal Employment Agency in Germany require degree recognition once the agency proceed with it? If yes, is it safer for the agency to get Statement of Comparability for me before even pursuing the application process? Kindly advise.

    3. According to the, the processing of Statement of Comparability is only 2 weeks for EU Blue Card applicants. Is this correct? Since on the other page on the same site, it says 3 months –

    4. On the required documents listed on, it says „officially certified photocopy“.. Is it the same as „Certified True Copies“ that we have here in Philippines? e.g Certified True Copy of Diploma

    5. In addition to no. 4, on the website it says the required documents are:

    „The final degree of the university qualification to be assessed in the original language“
    -This is the University diploma correct?

    „Overview of subjects and grades over the entire course“
    -This is the Transcript of Records?

    „The school leaving certificate, which opens up access to higher education in the Philippines“
    -Is this the high school diploma?

    Many thanks Anne! 🙂

    • Hi Anne,
      In addition, (sorry for so many questions 😦 )
      1. Do I need to red ribbon my certified true copies of my diploma and transcript when I send it to ZAB? How long usually to process it?
      2. It seems that after my visa application (once successful), I need to get an OEC based on this page
      I think I qualify as SKILLED AND PROFESSIONAL WORKER on that page. It’s quite a lengthy list. Do you have any tips on the requirements, particularly no. 6 and 7? How long will these two requirements take? And how long is the processing of OEC until they release it?
      3. On the POEA guidelines by workabroad PH, they said the following:
      „The requirements are the following: passport, work visa or work permit, employment contract verified or authenticated by the Philippine embassy or Philippine consulate in the country of your destination. You are also required to undergo a medical examination by a DOH-accredited clinic or hospital and a pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS). “
      Is the „work visa or work permit“ pertain to my employment visa that German embassy will issue?
      And how to get „employment contract verified or authenticated by the Philippine embassy“? How do I apply or process this requirement?
      Thank you so much!

      • As far as I know certified true copy of diploma and TOR automatically means red ribbon as when I applied mine, my university sent the copy to CHED and picked up the documents at DFA. As with POEA rules I’m sorry but I have no idea how it goes.

    • 1 & 2 questions are kinda connected since you mentioned your degree is not in anabin, it is important to process this to ensure that the embassy would grant the visa. Without this comparability, your visa applicatiom would be declined despite signed contract because PH degree is not 100% equivalent to Germany degree.

      3. 2weeks if you process in Germany, I think longer if processed outside Germany.

      4. Yes, it is the same certified true copy that we have in the Philippines.

      5. Diploma or certificate of graduation, TOR and Form 137 (from highschool)

      • Hi Olaf,

        I didn’t pursue my offer in Germany anymore.
        I had my 4 year degree assessed and they say it is not equivalent or comparable to a bachelor’s degree. I got a preapproval document but it says I need a recognised degree.

        There is another way for 4 year Philippine degree holders to get a work permit (not blue card visa). Tell your employer to get a Preapproval document from the local Federal Employment Agency and tell them (this is the most important thing) that it should have a clause there saying that you are under Specialized or Senior employee with specialist knowledge. This clause or criteria in German labor law allows you to be given a work permit without a recognised or comparable degree. You will submit this document on the day of your visa application. Depending on the case worker (the one who requests the preapproval document – it can be a separate relocation team), you may be needed to prove that you have specialist knowledge. So you will need to submit Certifications (e.g. in IT, Java certification, ITIL certification, etc) and documented work experience (Certificate of employment)

        You can refer to this clause here ->,5

        • Thanks for the info RedWarrrior! Sad to hear about your case. I’ll keep in mind all the points you mentioned.

        • Hi RedWarrior — Just a follow-up. When you say you did not pursue, did you mean you did not submit your application for visa after getting the ZAB result or you did but was not granted? And for your ZAB application, was it for blue card?

          • Hi olaf. I did not proceed with my visa appointment.
            Yup, my zab assessment was for blue card. 2 weeks max for the result, and you need contract as per zab website

  35. Hello, i want to know where can i get the application of marriage or it must be done by my bf. 2nd, do i have to red ribbon all my documents? i plan to bring my son with me when i will go back to Germany what papers or docs should i need to prepare? thanks for the help

    • Do you mean marriage visa? If so, you are the one to apply it at the embassy in Manila, there are just few documents your bf must provide and he can get it from the Standesamt.

      As for your son, as long as the custody is yours, you just have check the requirements on the embassy website for family reunion and just follow it. He will need Verpflichtungserklärung from your bf that your bf can get from Ausländerbehörde.

  36. Hi, do you know the steps and required documents needed to have my work contract authenticated and verified at the Philippine Embassy in Germany? I checked the website of Philippine Embassy in Berlin but I’m not sure what type of document (regular, commercial, …) is the work contract to determine the required authentication (overview of chain authentication) needed before sending it to the embassy.
    Do you also know if they need supporting documents to proceed to authentication? I will be submitting my documents from the Philippines so I really hope to get this in one shot.
    Thanks in advance

  37. good day to all,,

    thanks for this very informative blog. i have a question and i heard a lot of stories and suggestion but not sure which is true. anyways, my bf already submitted all the requirements needed in Stamdesamnt last Aug. 30, now i have an appointment this coming October 19 and i haven’t been CI or whatever papers or email from the embassy on what to do next. would it be possible to go to the embassy even if i haven’t CI yet? i just want to submit my initial requirements to the embassy such Birth certificate of my son and mine too, cenomar and so on.

    because some says that i have to wait instruction from the embassy or if they are finished the CI and wait for further instructions.


    • Hi! You will not hear anything from the embassy until you have your interview done and all basic requirements are submitted. Whatever you submitted at the Standesamt is for the marriage schedule application, you will be informed about CI and further steps after your interview in October. For now, just complete all the basic requirements you need to submit during your interview.

  38. Hi ive got some questions. Nagstudy ako elementary till grade 9 in a german school but graduated in ph as an electronics engineer. Then went to japan and currently work as a cnc operator or zerspannungsmechaniker. I kinda know my work is regulated in germany but not in japan yet i kinda got into the job without showing any diplomas or certificates. So my question is.. can i apply as a zerspannungsmechaniker in DE? Im not after the title enginner but just want to move to germany and do the same job field i am doing. As for language i still can speak fluent german and have a german pass… just wondering if the process is hard or will i just end up in aldi?

    • Hi! I think the best ay to ask IHK directly if there’s any chance of having your work experience recognized. Engineering ay usually recognized here dahil there’s a big need of it, yung lack of certificate lang as CNC operator iniisip ko. Very dependent sila sa certificates dito. In worst case ay I think they will require you lang to attend Umschulung or take a specific exam, lalo German pass holder ka naman, citizens are always in top priority.

  39. I am from India.My husband has got job offer from an employer in Gemany and would be joining in Jan 2018 .I have to apply for dependent family reunion visa but I dont have A1 certificate.
    My question is-I have registered for A1 exam in February2018 with Goethe Frankfurt.Can I come to Germany on tourist Schengen visa and give the A1 exam in Frankfurt?

    • Hi! I am not sure if the rule applies worldwide since I only have idea for Filipinos. Anyway, I read that if the husband is non-German, you do not need A1 to join him with family reunion visa in Germany. A1 is only required if the spouse is German national.

  40. Hi Anne, i need your opionion about my situation currenty im in Turkey right now me and my bf decide to process fiance visa this year i got my a1 here last march 2017 and now gusto nya proceed ako for a2 kc mas less daw dito compare munich so my questions is anong mga requirements for fiance and how it started posible ba mg process ako dito sa turkey? Thanks

  41. Hello, I am a Filipino and just submitted all the requirements for student visa last January 3 in German Embassy here in Manila, would you know how long does it take to have the results(based on experience)?

  42. Hi! I just bumped into this blog. I am a Filipina living here in Germany & do not have lots of friends/contacts. I think you’re a great bunch! 🙂

    • Join our Facebook group, Pinay in Deutschland to get to know more Pinays near you. Don’t forget to answer the questions upon membership request. 🙂

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