Fighting Boredom

Around two years ago, Janine posted about how to combat your homesickness. But what if you don’t really long for home, you are just… bored?

Guess what, boredom is just a state of mind. With few tricks mentioned by Jann on her post, you can combat it as well. I know, some of you would say it is easier said than done, but hey! I know how it feels to be bored, I am someone who hates routine and gets “bored” on one activity after a while. But boredom can also happen some other time. I do also sometimes “think”, I am bored when I feel like being lazy, when I do not want to do anything, when the number 1 on my to-do-list is “nichts tun(term borrowed from Marc-Uwe Kling’s Kangaroo Chronicles, (free ads for him!) a good read but I recommend the audiobook, it’s more fun! :D). This started when I gave up my work, and lately, my studies, and spend my whole day at home. So how do I combat it, moreso, how can I say I am bigger than my boredom? Here’s the trick: I follow Janine’s number 1 advice: change your perspective and the rest will follow. If you still feel quite lost, here are some of my magical potions against boredom (yes, I need more than one because I am a person who hates routine):

  • Learn the language. In reality, 17039270_1809902979335024_4314921202795994233_oliving in Germany should have no time for boredom. Because time in between household chores means mastering the language. There are a lot of ways to learn the language on your own, there are apps such as Duolingo, YouTube channels to follow, Facebook pages, books or attending formal language schools.Apart from German language, you can also try learning other languages, such as French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, or Greek. Currently, I am watching YouTube videos on French language, answering German grammar books, and reading my Latinum coursebook.
  • Discover your artistic side. Arts is not just about being a good painter or at drawing,

    From Christina’s blog

    it is a good way to express yourself, your soul.It has long been used as a therapy. You can also try this way. I, myself, is still on the “trying hard” stage, but if you are as talented like Christina, why keep it for yourself? You may opt the same way Christina and I are doing, learning by doing, or you can attend formal art classes at your nearest VHS. Christina learns by doing it directly on canvas (check her instagram justbluedutchart), while for me, it is more on digital painting using an app on Microsoft Surface and the Surface pen as my brush. I am also into the colouring books, and influenced my co-bloggers into colouring as well.


  • Blog. I am proud to say this blog is a product of boredom. Three years ago, it all started as my personal blog (that site is now offline), and realized that I am writing more about the bureaucratic crams than anything personal, so I decided to start a new blog completely dedicated to my new life in Germany, starting from the process. And this blog was born. I never expected the followers to grow in numbers, and that one day, I will be sharing this site with my friends as my co-bloggers, it is quite fulfilling. You do not need to be good with words to be able to blog. If you love photography, you can start a photoblog. Or if you are fond of cooking, start a food blog. Sky’s the limit in this world of blogging.
  • Explore the world. You do not need to travel far and wide. Your neighborhood may have something waiting for you to discover. Remember our Wanderlust Weekend series? You can start your own wanderlust photo stories!
  • Create new handicrafts. Be it crochet, knitting or cross-stitching. Let your creativity do the work. Think of a corner at your home that you want to add a little zest. Focus on that corner and start some DIY projects.
  • Make kitchen as your new favorite place. Sure, you don’t know how to cook nor bake. It is then the best time to be one. I, myself, don’t know anything except how to cook rice (without rice cooker!). I started to experiment on the kitchen, with the motto “kitchen is my new laboratory.” Sometimes it’s a success, sometimes, I just have to flush out everything in the toilet. Check out websites such as Panlasang Pinoy and and surprise your better half tonight. Just don’t burn your finger. 😉
  • Start a small garden. Be it a balcony garden, an indoor garden or a real garden. There’s something fulfilling with plants. I do not have green thumb, but I am still not giving up, I am still in the quest on finding my plant. I honestly have already killed around 20 plant art! But as cliche, goes, NEVER GIVE UP! 😀
  • Feed your mind. Start reading books. If reading is not really your interest, try audiobooks. It can also help with the language improvement. If you are fond of learning new things, register on online courses (Coursera is a nice platform!). They may seem unnecessary now, but who knows, you might use it in the future.
  • *Find a (part-time) job. If you have no kids yet, or your kids are already attending school, you can ask your partner if you are allowed to work. If you are quite curious how to start or where to start, join our Facebook group page, Study and Work in Germany for Filipinos, we are more than willing to answer your questions.

Do you have any other tips on how to combat boredom? Share it to us by leaving your comment below. 


3 thoughts on “Fighting Boredom

  1. Ann, Pingbacks doesn’t work again!

    Thank you so much for the mention. I really appreciate it.
    Now this is a very relatable post for me.
    I think Boredom is a kind of ‘separation’.
    When I was still single and an OFW living in Kuwait where in my life is mapped in routine- work=home=sleep.Although I go out and explore a lot, still, I find things to be lax–I got burned out eventually. Imagine, for 8 years, I never draw or paint. I totally put aside doing things for myself and just focused on working.
    I learned from my mistakes.
    Now I am trying to squeeze time for myself. My priorities are different now because I have a kid, but it also helps me to take care of myself more. And yes, Blogging really helps.

    A great content especially for OFW’s and if you’re living away from your friends.

    • Thanks tin! I admit, I was too overwhelmed before on being a housewife and it ate me up when it finally sank in what it means, and dirt doesn’t build up in matter of minutes here. 😅

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