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Applying for a UK Visa from Germany

If you are a Philippine passport holder and want to visit the United Kingdom from Germany, you will need a tourist visa. Since the UK is not included in the Schengen Area, you will not be able to enter the country using only your passport and Aufenthaltstitel.

If you are a German passport holder, there is no need to apply for a UK visa.

The standard processing of a visitor visa takes up to 3 weeks, but you can choose to pay for the expedited service which will shorten the process to only a few days.

This post will discuss the process of appliying for a Standard Visitor Visa to enter the UK.

  • Fill up the online application form using the Visa4UK service.
    • Before you are able to access the application form itself, you will need to register for an account for the Visa4UK service. This service will allow you to track the progress of your application, as well as pay for the visa fees.
    • Once you sign up for the Visa4UK account and begin the application process, you will see something like this when you log in:Visa4UK Dashboard
    • The online application form is quite long and detailed. Be sure that you have your passport at hand, and also clear information regarding your intended travel dates, your potential hotel booking. Questions regarding your employment, income, and expenses are also included, so be prepared.
    • If you are not able to compete the online application in one sitting, you can always save it and continue at a later time. You cannot proceed to the next steps without completing the online application form and signing the security declaration.

  • Make an appointment at one of the Visa Application Centers in Germany by using the link on the Visa4UK service (see encircled part below). 
    • A personal appearance at one of the visa application centers is MANDATORY because your biometric information (such as your fingerprints and a photograph) will be taken at the application center as part of your application.
    • There are three Visa Application Centers where you can appear in person to proceed with your visa processing. They are in Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Munich (the addresses will be provided at the end of this post). You can choose which Application Center is closest to you, and also select your preferred date and timeslot for the appointment.Visa4UK Book Appointment
    • You will receive an email with a confirmation of your appointment, as well as instructions about what to bring with you to the application center. See a sample appointment confirmation below:

      UK Visa Appointment Confirmation

  • Pay the visa application fee online using the Visa4UK service. You can use a credit card or PayPal.
    • See the table below for reference of the visa fees depending on length of validity if you are applying from Germany:
    • UK Visitor Visa FeesYou will receive a confirmation of your payment visa email once the processing is done. It usually takes 48 hours for the payment to be confirmed.

  • Register for an account at the TLScontact website. You will need this account to attend your appointment at the Visa Application Center.
    • Your application number reference number (the reference number beginning with “GWF” on your appointment confirmation) is tied to your TLScontact account. You will need to provide your GWF number when signing up for a TLScontact account.
    • If you do not sign up for a TLScontact account, you will be asked to do so at the British Embassy anyway, so to avoid delays, it’s best to sign up before your scheduled appointment.
    • TLScontact will be sending you updates regarding the status of your application via email from this point.

  • Attend your appointment at the Visa Application Center.
    • Remember to bring the necessary supporting documents:

      UK Visa Documents

  • Wait for email updates regarding the status of your visa. You will be contacted if further information or additional documents are needed from you.

  • Once the processing has been completed, your passport will be returned to you with the attached visa via courier at the address you specified in the application form.
    If you chose the Düsseldorf Visa Application Center, you can also pick up your passport in person.

Once you receive your visa, be sure to check if all of the data is correct.

Here are the addresses of the three Visa Application Centers in Germany:

Regus Munich Theresienhoehe
Theresienhoehe 28
Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday to Wednesday (Except for Public Holidays)

Regus Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 21
Opening Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday to Wednesday (Except for Public Holidays)

Bismarckstraße 101
Opening Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday to Friday (Except for Public Holidays)
Passport Return Window Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday (Except for Public Holidays)

Happy Travels,

91 thoughts on “Applying for a UK Visa from Germany

  1. hi! just wondering, i heard that we have to pay extra fees when we are using the TLScontact in Berlin or Munich, is that correct? It stated that to apply for the standard visitor, it cost 126EUR. I wonder if there are another additional fees. 🙂

    • Hi Nikolas,

      Sorry for the late reply. I had to dig through my emails to find the receipt of my UK visa processing in Munich.

      Yes, there is indeed an extra fee when using TLScontact in Berlin or Munich. I paid a total of 188 EUR (plus additional for expedited processing, which is optional of course).

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • Hi! When was your interview last week?

      Since TLS in Germany would have to forward your documents to the UK for processing anyway, it’s expected that the update of your status can take some time.

      I paid for rush processing of my visa, so my experience might not be applicable to yours 😦

      • last tuesday, the person in the munich office registered on behalf of me in the TLS website. But I din’t get any notification from their website. Hence I tried to do myself, but it says that my GWF number has been already registered. Now, I am worried whether the person entered a wrong email or does the notification takes this long?

        • Ok, in that case I think it’s safer to contact TLS Munich and express your concern, especially since someone else registered for you.

          If your interwiew was last Tuesday, you should have received notification by now.

      • Hi I’m British citizens i need to apply for visiting visa for friends I am self employed working what I should do please can I have some information thanks

        • Your friends would have to apply for themselves. Please ask your friends to check the British government website about visa requirements specific to their country of residence.

  2. I left a complaint in the feedback form, havn’t received a reply yet, there is no contact number. In the worst case, I have to go to Munich again 😦

    • Sorry to hear about that 😦 Yeah, if you don’t receive a respone within this week, the only advice I can give at this point is to inquire in person at TLS Munich.

  3. I already got an email that my passport can be picked up at Duesseldorf.
    They make this statement in the email as BOLD:

    “Important: You are advised to make prompt arrangements to collect your documents from the Visa Application”

    But they do not give me information on how to contact them. Phone is not connected (got from google maps +49 211 8768765), email is simply addressed as . I am very confused on how to contact them other than feedback form.

    can I just go there in person without any prompt arrangement?

    • Hi Ardy,

      Yes, I think this statement is just a disclaimer for you to be aware that they will take no responsibility in sending you your documents via mail.

      I am assuming you can go ahead and claim your documents at the visa center since you got the email confirmation already.

    • Hi, have you made your visa yet? Did you pay for the courier service? I applied for EEA family permit. And the courier service was not available for me to choose. How was it for you?

      Thanks if you can give me some information

  4. Hi, I’m applying EEA family permit, the visa fee is free. After I made an appointment and registered at TLS, I wanted to select Added Value Services–courier service, but there was no this item. But at the AVS page, there is a note: the courier service is included in the price of using this visa center. Does this mean, the courier service is also free for me?

    Looking forward to your answer.


    • Hello there!

      I’m assuming that the courier service is not free even for those applying for the EEA family permit.

      Based on these two statements in the TLScontact center website, it probably means that your address is not eligible for express courier service:

      “If you wish to use this service, and are eligible to do so, you should log into your personal account on the TLScontact site and select the proper courier option (either “Return Courier Service” OR “Return Courier Out of Country”).”

      “Use of the Return Courier Service is dependent upon availability of courier delivery to the address provided by the applicant and will be determined at the centre at the time of application.”

      However, at the time of your personal appearance at the TLS Application Centre, I would advise you to clarify if you can avail of this add-on service. Someone onsite might be able to assist you since you’re not able to order it for yourself online.

      Good luck!

  5. Hello, I have received an email today that UK Visa has made a decision and I will be notified within a few days when I can pick up my passport. I applied for a business visa since my Dutch partner will not be travelling with me. I read here about EEA family permit. How does that work? I am a little bit afraid that I might be rejected for the visa. Do you guys know any standard emails for rejection?

    • Hello, have you received information about your visa yet?

      The EEA family permit is the option to choose if your EEA resident spouse is living/working in the UK and you wish to join him or her.

      Here is a list of countries in the EEA:

      As for emails of rejection — sorry, I haven’t seen any samples of those online, however I do believe that if your application was refused, you will receive a letter via post including an explanation as to why your visa was rejected. See sample here:

  6. My sister in law has been living in Germany for 9 years and she would like to visit me in uk, why is it so difficult for her to come and see us on a regular basis? With my brother who is a German citizen my sister in law although she has a permenant residency in Germany has not got a German passport.

    • What is your sister-in-law’s citizenship?

      She has the option to apply for a long-term tourist visa. Here is the information from the UK government website:

      “Long-term visit visas

      If you can prove you need to visit the UK regularly over a longer period, you can apply for a visa that lasts 2, 5 or 10 years. You can stay for a maximum of 6 months on each visit.”

  7. Hey. I’m done filling all my details online and have an appointment scheduled for next week in Berlin. The thing is, I have a study trip to Amsterdam in the week after the scheduled appointment and so I can’t really afford to leave my passport with them. Is there any way to work around this? Like an option for quick process? And what is the average time taken by them to process the visa (Standard Visitor visa).
    Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hello. You can pay for the Expedited Visa service to get your passport within a few days (I got mine 3 days after the appointment). The expedited service costs around 130 EUR in addition to the visa fee.

  8. Hello,
    I have my visa appointment (Standard Visitor visa) next week and would like to inquire about the average time it takes to receive the visa. I need to visit London by the first week of October.
    Kindly let me know. Thank you. 🙂

  9. I read in the document requirement from, all non-english document needs to be translated for applying a UK visa. Did you do the same? Any recommended translator?
    The translation service fee can cost around 50 euro per page in Germany, this is quite expensive, but most of my documents are in German, which mean it can be minimum 1000 euro alone for translation 😦

    • Hi!
      The additional supporting documents that I provided were already in English, so I didn’t need to have anything translated. I just brought my work contract since the purpose of my visit was for business, along with a certificate from my employer that confirms I am currently employed at their company (was also originally in English already).

      What supplementary documents are you planning to present? I don’t think you need to submit absolutely ALL of the suggestions in the checklist. Just bring translations of those that you feel is most relevant to your visit.

  10. Actually, the most important part is the financial proof. My last 6 months pay slips are all in german. I will not use a work contract either because english translation of my german work contract is too expensive, my office does not have any english version of the contract.

    My bank account with all the transaction details are unfortunately only available in german (around 50 pages worth of transactions for 6 months ). The bank does not provide any english version of it either 😦
    Each of it needs to be professionally translated..

    Did not expect of needing to fork this much of money only for a short tourism trip to the next country (even-though the flight is cheap).

    • I advice you to clarify with the embassy or the Teleperformence call center if the bank account statements need to be translated at all. Statements of Account are relatively straightforward and there are more numbers than words there anyway, so I would definitely double check since the cost of translating over 50 pages is rather unreasonable.

      • Hi thank you for your advice. I called their call center, and yes the bank statements need to be translated. super ouch.

        I hope others do not do the same mistake like me for using bank that does not have any english translation of their bank print outs.

        Live and learn

      • Hi! I end up getting a quote starting from 1700 euro (and some others asking much more) for the translation work. Simply not worth it.

        I am cancelling my trip to UK, will spend my holiday somewhere else where the translation fee will go for much better cause 🙂

        • Thanks for sharing the info. I’m sure it will be quite helpful to others who need to present translated bank statements in the future!

          Sorry to hear that you’ve canceled your UK trip, but I’m sure you’ll find an equally good use for the translation fee in another travel destination! 🙂

  11. Can i apply for visa three prior to my date of travell pease reply me as soon as posible thank you

    • Of course. In fact, you are required to apply for a visa prior to your date of travel. Standard processing of the visa takes 3 weeks.

  12. Hi Reena,
    I have Visa appointment on 11th and I want to travel on 25th. I have applied for normal standard visa. Do you think I will get it that soon? Do you also need to show them flight tickets? I dont really want to purchase them till I get the visa. Also is it possible to deny courier service and pick the visa in person? I am applying from Munich.

    • Hello Pravin,

      According to the British Government website, you should allow up to 3 weeks processing time for a standard processing of your visa.

      There is a chance that your visa will not be processed and returned to you in time for your planned travel date on the 25th if your appointment is tomorrow.

      You do NOT need to show them flight tickets. Also, you may ask at the TLS Center tomorrow if you can simply pick up your passport in person instead of having to pay for the courier service.

    • Hi Pravin, I am curious as to whether you got your visa at the end? Im planning to travel on the 2nd or 3rd of November but my appointment is on the 16th of December. I wonder if I will get my passport back along with my accepted visa by 2nd of December. I would appreciate it if you reply. thanks!

  13. Is there a requirement to submit bio metric photos with application or will it be taken care by them during interview?

  14. Hi, I’m new here. Anyway, been following the thread and trying to take in as much info as I can. I would just like to ask what are the requirements when applying for a UK visa? The thing is, I am not employed. I’m a housewife/travel aficionado. My husband and I are planning a trip to London on January. I think if I apply now it would work out, given you need at least 3 weeks before you travel. However, we have a trip to Amsterdam this November and we’re flying to Rome on December. So that means I cannot leave my passport to them. Is there another way to solve this? Will they even grant me a visa? I’d be so grateful if you can help me out

    • Hey Elle! I would then suggest that you pay for the expedited service add on. It will then only take 3 days instead of the usual 3 weeks for processing.

      • Hi Reena,

        May I ask how much did you pay in total (the visa fee + expedited service add on)? I read that you paid 188 but is that inclusive or exclusive of the visa fee? Thank you!

        • Hello!

          I paid 188 EUR for the visitor visa fee (multiple entry validity) PLUS 132 EUR for priority processing, so I paid a total of 320 EUR for everything.

  15. Hi, I’ve applied for UK standard visitor visa two weeks back, got a mail stating the passport has been couriered , but nowhere i was given the tracking number for courier.

    The TLS feedback form says it might take 20 days for them to reply and I dont have a way to track the courier and have not got it until now.

    I’ve to travel this weekend.

    Does anyone have any contact for TLS Berlin center?

    • Hi, due to the recent holiday in Germany, there might have been delays in courier services. It only took 2 days for my passport to be returned. I think you can expect yours either today or tomorrow.

      Unfortunately, there is no phone number listed for the TLS Contact Center in Berlin.

  16. Hi can someone help me please I need to apply for U.K. visiting visa for my friends I am self employed and hi don’t work what I can do can you explain for me step by step please how to apply and what prof the need thanks I am British citizens

  17. Hello! I am planning to visit my uncle in London for Christmas. He sent me an invitation letter for the visa procedure but unfortunately he spelled my name wrong in the invitation letter. Will it be a problem in my visa decision?

    • Hello,
      If the error in spelling is minor, then I don’t think it will be a big deal. However, it might be best to ask your uncle to send a revised version to be safe.

  18. Hey Reena, my business visa to the UK has expired. There is no platform on the web site to renew a Visa. Do I need to re-apply again with a different email address since my current email address with my profile is already stored in the UK online database system. Your reply will be highly appreciated

    • Hello, yes, you will need to apply again. You can use the same email address and just submit another application in the TLS system.

  19. Hi Reena,

    I was notified that a decision has been taken with regards to my application and my passport and other documents have arrived in TLS Dusseldorf and I need to send them my passport. It has been 9 working days since I sent my passport and I havent heard from TLS not has the status been updated on the site nor did I receive my passport back. Please note I had already paid for return by courier option.


    • Hi there,
      Did you pay for the expedited processing service? I find 9 working days quite concerning even for regular processing.

      Give it another day to make it a full 2 weeks (10 working days). If nothing happens, then perhaps you should contact TLS Düsseldorf via phone, or visit in person if you’re closeby.

  20. Hello how can I add the expedited service ? I already paid for a nomal service and I have a interview appointment on this Wednesday (8 March 2017 )at Munich.
    Thank you

    • I just check for that. It said for the priority visa service ( not-settelment ) cost 183€. Was it the expedited service that you took ?

  21. Hi Reena, did you submit your German residence permit along with Passport in original or just a photo copy of it? Also, do you need a translation of the German Residence permit while submitting documents? I have a Blau Karte and I am confused if i should submit the original or just a copy will do fine

  22. Hello, I was wondering when does the TLS Düsseldorf open appointments for the month of April 2017. I want to travel in the Beginning of June when I was filling the application form, there were only appointments in March but not in April. I was wondering does that mean there are no appointments in April, or that they didn’t open appointments for April yet?

  23. Hallo Reena,
    I applied in February, in Berlin TLS Center and paid 173 Euro for my Standart Visa and at 6th of March got my Passport back with Stick of the Visa for 6 Month.
    I Thought that I had finished the Procedure but at 10 March I received an Email from
    There I am requested to sign an application. In the application are some questions that were not in the main Application which I gave and in the next step I am asked to pay another 67 Euro and I have to make a second appointment with the TLS Center in Berlin.
    I wonder if it is normal and usual this Email that I received. I am searching today the whole day to find it out but nowhere I can find it. Do you have any Idea?

  24. Trying to make an appointment with TLS Munich and the website says no appointments available. I found a telephone no but the mailbox is full.

    • Hello,

      The slots may be fully booked due to the holidays this week and next. You might want to try a different schedule instead.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply. What do you mean by different schedule as it doesn’t give me options to make an appointment for after the holidays, for example.

        • I think you should just check every now and then. Perhaps their website is undergoing website maintenance, or perhaps they just haven’t updated the available timeslots for after the holidays.

  25. Hi Reena,

    I want to apply for the uk visa with the priority visa service next week (I intend to fly there mid of may).However, I’m unable to check if there are any appointments available before submitting the application. Is there a way to see if there are appointments available next week or the following week? I don’t want to pay first to find out that there are no appointments.

    Also, is the procedure for applying for the visa for an infant the same as applying for adults (from creating an account to scheduling an appointment)?

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hello, as far as I remember, the schedule is only visible after you’ve registered and submitted your details.

      I realize this reply is late, so I hope things worked out and you have the visa already!

  26. Hi Reena,

    I have requested for return of passport via courier. Would I need to be at home to collect the passport ? Or is it left in the mailbox ? Please advice


    • Yes, you need to be at home because the envelope needs to be signed for as proof of receipt. You can probably authorize a neighbor to receive it for you, but I would suggest that you leave a note for the courier at the door.

  27. Hello Reena. My husband and I were planning to visit Northern Ireland for 4 days vacation. We will going to stay with his mom. My husband is British but living in Germany for 8 years and we want to apply for EEA Permit. Im Filipino and only have a residence permit who just got here in Germany. Is it a big factor that my husband is British for them to grant me a visa? Do I still need to ask his mom to send invitation letter for me since we will stay with her. Do we still need to pass a copy of his bank account? Hope you reply thank you

    • Your husband’s nationality is enough. Actually, visa processing from DE with residence permit ay madali lang compared if you process it from Pinas

  28. does anyone know how passports are being returned for EEA Family Permit Visa in Munich? Their is no option for courier service in Munich application Center.

  29. Hello Reena, I’ve scheduled an appoint at TLSContact Berlin next week but also opted and paid for the additional service “walk-in without appointment”. Is it possible to go the TLSContact Berlin office 2-3 prior to my original interview date directly?

    • Please be informed that no one in this blog works for the UK Embassy, hence we cannot provide answer to questions like this. Reena wanted only to share her experience applying for UK visa years ago, hence if it is not in the post, that means Reena has not experienced it and cannot help you further. Please check the UK embassy website if you have further questions, or contact the UK Embassy directly. Thank you!

  30. Hi,
    I had applied for 6-months “standard visitor visa” from Munich last year. I wish to apply again; can’t I apply visa post now?
    Do i really need to go to application centre, since they already have my biometrics.


    • It is UK’s standard procedure, hence it must be followed. The website states that it is a must to go to a visa application centre to complete the application procedure. Or you may contact the UK embassy directly regarding this. They are the ones who are more knowledgeable about the visa application process. Please be informed that this blog post is purely based on Reena’s experience and how she did the visa application years ago. We have no business, whatsoever, with the UK embassy. Thank you!

  31. Hi,

    I’m from Brazil, but currently living in Poland under an year national visa.

    I’m applying for Tier 2 UK visa and would like to apply from Germany, cause in Poland there is no option to keep the passport during this procedure.

    I’m wondering if only residents in Germany can apply for UK visa from Germany or anyone with a valid visa issued by any EU country could.


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