Marriage Visa / VISA

Marriage / Fiance Visa: Getting Married in Germany

For those of you who have decided to get married in Germany, the first thing to know is that the process is long and depending on your personal situation, it can be very complex. Anne previously wrote a short post about getting married in Germany, but I would also like to share my experience with you in more detail.

I started the application process for my marriage visa at the end of January 2011 and I received the visa itself at the end of June 2011. During this time, I appeared at the German Embassy in Manila at least three times to submit documents and have the interview.

Since the process, duration, and requirements will be different on a case-to-case basis, let this post just serve as a guide. Do not expect that you will experience exactly the same thing.


STEP 1: Prepare for submission of initial requirements (the documents that are readily available in the Philippines. Note that some documents will have to be processed by your future husband in Germany).

– 2 completed and signed Marriage Visa Application forms
– 4 biometric photos
– valid passport
– original birth certificate
– signed security questionnaire
– proof of basic knowledge of German (A1) IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY
– original CENOMAR
– Affidavit of Parental Consent / Advise IF APPLICABLE (see my sample of Affidavit of Parental Advise here)
– copies of fiance’s Personalausweis / Reisepass
– visa fee: 60 EUR
– 2 photocopies each of orig documents

STEP 2: Book an appointment to submit the requirements using the embassy’s Online Booking System

STEP 3: Submit your documents to the German Embassy. The case officer will also explain the next steps about your visa application. He or she might also mention something about the Beitrittserklärung which is a document that the Standesamt in Germany will need to have in order to proceed with registering your intended marriage.

At this point, your fiance in Germany should also contact the Standesamt to check about the process and announce that the two of you would like to register your intended marriage.

Note: It is important that your fiance builds a good relationship with the case officer at the Standesamt at this early point because the two of them will be meeting several times during your visa application.

STEP 4: Your application is now in progress! In the background, the German Embassy is already communicating with the Standesamt in Germany.

After a few days, the Embassy will send you a notification via post if you need to submit anything else. Here is the notification that I received:

Additional Reqs Notification

As you can see, these documents from Germany are now being asked for, so it’s time for your future husband to do the legwork in Germany:

– Written confirmation of the German Standesamt at the application for marriage has been successful with intended date of marriage
– Confirmation from the Standesamt/Ausländerbehörde if checking of documents is needed (see Step 5)

STEP 5: Ask your future husband to contact the Standesamt so that they can confirm if checking of your documents is needed for the marriage visa. Here is the note that I received from the German Embassy with instructions about this matter:

Checking of Documents

STEP 6: The Standesamt in Germany will inform the German Embassy in the Philippines about whether or not the checking of documents is needed. This communication will be done internally, but your fiance might receive a copy of the email that they will send, which will be similar to this:

Checking of Documents 2

STEP 7: Technically, your husband cannot apply for marriage registration in Germany if you are not present. Therefore, you will need to sign a Beitrittserklärung IF you are not in Germany with him at the time that you are registering the marriage in the Standesamt. This document gives your fiance the right to register the marriage on behalf of the both of you.

In the message that the Standesamt sent the German Embassy, they have also requested that you sign the Beitrittserklärung (see the paragraph inside the green box below)

Beitrittserklaerung Notification

You will sign this document in the German Embassy, and they will be the ones to send it to the Standesamt.

STEP 8: The checking of your documents will normally take around 4-6 months, so this stage is going to be about waiting 😉

STEP 9: Once the checking of documents is completed successfully, the German Embassy will report back to the Standesamt that the process can continue.

Your fiance will be called back to the Standesamt so that a marriage date can be set and the Bescheinigung der Eheschliessung (certificate of registration of intended marriage, see image below) can be issued.

Bescheinigung der Eheschliessung SAMPLE

STEP 10: Ask your husband to send the Bescheinigung der Eheschliessung to you via courier, along with any other final requirements (for example, the Verpflichtungserklärung/Formal Obligation).

STEP 11: After you receive the final documents from your fiance, your checklist of additional requirements from Step 4 should now be complete.

Submit the final requirements to the German Embassy. If everything is in order, you will be asked to leave your passport so that they can do the final visa processing.

You are almost at the finish line! 🙂

STEP 12: A courier will deliver your passport to your specified address with the marriage visa sticker already attached.

Marriage Visa

Congratulations! You can now book your flight and get ready for your wedding in Germany! 😀

I hope this helps you in some small way…


371 thoughts on “Marriage / Fiance Visa: Getting Married in Germany

  1. Hello po. Good day! I just want to seek for some advices po sana. I’m applying for fiance visa po,and already got a schedule for my Inteview in the embassy this sept.,unfortunately po,di pa po tapos ang verification process para sa mga documents ko but it has been a month already na na.CI ako.
    What is the best thing to do po? Is it better to cancel my appointment and register again for another schedule or go to the embassy with incomplete documents,form 11/121 nalang po kasi kulang ko at sabi ng standesamt na baka daw na matagalan pa ang processing based sa mga experiences nila na nag.last ng 8 months ang process. Thank you po sa mga sasagot!

    • There are cases na tumuloy and just submitted form 11/121 later. I am not quite sure though how strict is the embassy nowadays kasi sa website nila ay major requirement eto and will not be entertained if incomplete. I just hope someone who just recently applied for visa can help you here.

  2. Hi. I would like to seek for some advice here. In case i get my marriage visa approved. Do i need to buy a round trip ticket to fly to Germany or there is possibility to buy a one way trip since i hope to apply for my residence permit as soon as i get married. Should i guarantee that i wont be disturbed during check up at the airport when having a one way ticket even though my visa will be indicating 90 days expiry.
    Thank you.

    • Of course you are allowed to have one-way ticket. Marriage visa is a national visa or migrant visa, compared to a visit visa or tourist visa that is only short-term and cannot be extended. The most important thing would be your CFO sticker, that would be the thing that would hold you at the airport, if your passport do not have a CFO sticker.

  3. Hi.
    I need some advice here. Yesterday i had my visa appointment at the germany embassy. I presented all the documents as listed for MV. However i noticed that my formal obligation letter that i presented had been marked at the back with “Nacht nachgeweisen” which quite worried me. Wont this cause any effect on my Marriage visa approval? since my fiancee is still a trainee at a kindergaten school and she receives educational benefit from the government.she provided all copies of her benefit receipts and apartment rental contract to the Auslanderbehorde during request for the formal obligation letter. Will the ABH decide my visa depending on her financial ability?
    Secondly the consular officer asked me what i intend to do when i get to germany after marriage, i told her i plan to advance my studies in Deutch and then look for a job. Was it the best best response i would have given her?
    Thank you.

    • Yes, Ausländerbehörde would look on her financial capabilities before they decide on your visa. There is a specific netto bracket per city that they follow on this.

      And your response was superb! They love to hear it that the applicants have plans to further their language skills and establish a career.

      • Hi.
        Thank you for your response. I was feeling so low. Thinking after the formal obligation was marked with “Nicht nach geweisen” it all meant that the decision is already made that my fiancee is proven to be not financially capable to decide on my visa and so i had already got broken about the next step. However is there any other way out in case the visa is denied for such a reason?

        • Another option is to get married in the Philippines or other country and apply for family reunion visa. Family reunion visa do not need a FO.

  4. I had my fiance interviews 2 weeks ago.i was sent an email to submit a new marital status letter since the one i had submitted had expired after my documents were verified.i was as well told to get a new language certificate since the one i submitted was 2 years since i got it. I was given a deadline of 6th september to make all submissions. However i feel that i need to submit written letters and postcards as a proof for communication with my fiancee since we have never met, though on my interview i already submitted copies printed of our conversation including printed skype screen shots. And as was honest with the visa officer about my relationship having been online for 3 years and 10 months. Will adding these post cards and letters from my fiance help too during the visa decisions ?

    • Just submit what they are asking now, you said, you already submitted copies of conversation during your interview, that is already enough to proceed with the process. The issue now are expired documents that’s why they gave you a new deadline for documents.

  5. Hello thanks for this useful informations from you, pls I would like to know, when I finally have the marriage date confirmation and Verpflichtungserklärung with me do I have to submit on appointment or I have to wait for the embassy to contact me?

  6. Hi.
    Will you give me some green light here? I provided all the required documents at the germany embassy. They only asked me to provide an updated language certificate and was given up to 6th deadline to provide the certificate, unfortunately i will have not received yet my certificate and i got a letter written by the director at goethe addressing it to the germany embassy about the date when i will have my exams and the possible date when i will receive my certificate. So the germany embassy responded back to my letter and extended my deadline date to 14th september. I just want to know what are the chances for my MV visa to approved since the language certificate is the inly document i have been asked to submit with an extension date of my submission?
    Danke schön

    • Hi! National visa are decided by the city in Germany. Your documents will be forwarded to Germany, hence all you can do for now is complete the necessary documents and wait for the call or email of the embassy regarding the status of your visa.

  7. Hello po. hangang ilan taon po ba ang kailangan ng Parental Consent? I am 24 po turning 25 next year. And.kailanagn po ba bago ka pa appointment ng CI complete na ang requirements mo? lahat po ng nasa list ng Marriage Visa? san po ba kukuha ng Application form? at anu po yung red ribbon?
    thank po in advance

    • As far as I know, affidavit of parental advice ay kelangan until age 25. May list ka naman na makukuha from your fiance’s Standesamt kung ano anong documents ang kekelanganin mo/nyo to get the date of marriage. Importante ang date of marriage para sa visa application, matetengga lang sa embassy ang papel mo kung kulang ang issubmit mo.

      Based sa list of documents na nakapost sa embassy website, they stated there specifically na only applicants with complete documents will be entertained, so yeah, need mo ng kumpletong documents. The CI for marriage visa ay usually nacoconduct na during the time na pagkuha ng date of marriage sa Standesamt. Kaya yun ang importanteng unahin, tell your fiance to go to Standesamt to get this.

      Red ribbon means your documents are authenticated by DFA. Some cities dito sa Germany ay prefer ang DFA authenticated documents para sure na hindi sya fake documents. Kung sa list of documents na ibibgay ng Standesamt ay may nakalagay na “certified copy” or “authenticated”, it means need mo sya ipa-red ribbon.

      Application form can be found online sa German embassy website, same page where you can find the requirements for marriage visa.

  8. Guten tag😊 tanong ko lng if how much po ba tlga ung health insurance coverage for 90 days trip sa marriage visa

    • Different companies have different tarif for Schengen visa travel insurance. I got my aunt 2-month insurance at Malayan and it was only Php4k, I think. Php6k for 90days. Just check the website for more info.

  9. Hello ! I have some questions about fiancé visa. I have done with all of the requirements except Formal obligation letter. My fiancé is a student and doesn’t make that much money. Can you tell me how much it least needs to make Formal obligation for fiancé visa ? And we are together it’s been 8 months. We started applying for the visa when we were 4 months together. I’m kinda scared if they think we both are young or any how it’s fake ( they think ). What’s your suggestion on this ? And is there any livinghood ( lease agreement) for an year needed to show ? I have my visa appointment in March.

    • Hi! For FO, it depends where he lives, the required annual income varies from city to city. I know somebody who were also young and were approved, importang is that your intentions are genuine and your documents are not fake. And yes, accomodation is important, it will be asked from him at the Ausländerbehörde once your application and documents arrive in Germany. I know someone whose fiance was also a student, her in laws provided this for them and the in laws helped in every step of the visa processing.

  10. Super Danke for replying this faster. Do they take any interview of German fiancé ? And what they ask in interview ? Super nervous !!

    • Yes, there is a short interview when the AbH calls him to submit the necessary documents from him (could be payslips and rent contract or house title), the question would be similar to some of the questions during your interview, to test the consistency of your stories and intentions, esp. that your relationship is fairly new.

  11. Hello ! I have a one more curiosity. We haven’t decided the date of marriage. My appointment is on March 12. If they take 8 weeks to give visa but is there any kind of rules there like “ I can not enter the country suppose two months before the marriage date ? I heard one month before the marriage date embassy give the date to enter Germany.

    • Hi! One of the requirements is the date of marriage (please check the list at Embassy website). Without it, the visa processing will not proceed.

  12. No ! We will decide the date soon. We are just waiting for the obligation letter then choosing date and getting confirmation right away. I just want to know do they grant visa date exactly one month before marriage date or the date I choose or mention in cover letter ?

  13. Hello! I have some questions about marriage visa. So I’m 29 y/o, currently enrolled in a university here in Halle with a course Business Economics. I’ve been here for more than a year, currently on my 3rd semester but I have decided to stop studying because the course is not too interesting for me and since I have already finished a Bachelor in Philippines, I thought it would be easy to just learn the language and find a job. But then I found out that it’s not possible to convert a student visa to working visa. The problem is I will have to renew my student visa on December 2019 and I will need to have another blocked account for show money which won’t be attainable due to my financial situation. Now, I have a German boyfriend, who is also a student and we’re thinking of marrying so that I can stay here and find a job which would be easier. My questions are:

    1.Are those requirements that I need should be requested from DFA and be “red-ribboned” and sent to me here in Germany?How long will it take?
    2. In translating my documents to German language, does it have to be done in DFA before they send to me or I can do it myself here in Germany?
    3. Will I need to go home for any documents that I need to prepare?

    I’m so new to this marriage visa and I just want to know every single step that I need to do in order to make everything work out smoothly.

    BTW, I applied my student visa in Singapore where I lived and worked for 6 years before coming here. Thank you so much po sa mga sasagot 🙂

    • Hi! As long as you have the original (printed on PSA paper), Standesamt will accept them even without red ribbon. Translation must be done by accredited translators in your region (the stamp and license number of translator is important for legal docs), but some cities don’t require this if your papers are already in English. However, affidavits always need to have red ribbon, as far as I know and this should be done personally. You might want to try Denmark wedding? Requirements there are more lenient.

  14. Hi, good day! I have read in blogs somewhere in the net about my upcoming question and I can see that it is likely possible in the other countries, like the IS for instance. However, i just cant seem to figure out the possibility if it is also applicable in Germany. So here goes my question, would it be possible to marry my German boyfriend while I’m on a tourist visa in Germany? If so, do i need to switch my visa into marriage visa while I’m there? How probable is it? Or is it even possible? Huhu Looking forward for a reply 🙏

    • Hi! Sorry for my delayed response, I was on vacation. Anyway, marriage with tourist visa is only possible in Denmark. The marriage can be accepted in Germany but it will not assure that you can already stay for good in DE. Some cities are strict and will ask you to exit and file the correct visa (family reunion). The requirements will be quite the same, the waiting time can be lesser though. Please check my blog post about getting married in Denmark for more info. It may be quite old but at least you’ll get some idea about it.

  15. Hello ! I just got my visa. It took almost 2 months to get the visa 😌 pheww!! I just wanted to know about getting the residency. I got appointment for getting resident card after 3 months. So can you tell me how long it takes to get the resident card after the appointnent ? And would I only get work permit after getting the resident card?

    Danke schön ^^

    • Glückwunsch! Based on experience, it took me almost a month until I got my eAT. It would be much better to apply for it on your 2nd month, esp. if you have plans to travel outside your city. And yes, work permit will be on your card as a remarks.

    • Hello there, just curious here, it’s my 5th week now waiting for my visa result. Do you have any advices or ideas on what to do at least to ease my worries on how long should I still wait? Please help thanks alot.

      • Hi! I know this is easier said than done, but as of now, you just really need to wait and have a little more patience. There is sadly no standard timeframe being followed for national visa. You may use the time to deepen your knowledge of the language, spend more time with friends and family, and do stuff that you think you might miss a lot once you leave the country.

  16. Danke schön. ^^ Actually right after my visa approval I applied for an appointment but it seems like they’re so busy and gave me a date after 3 months. Can’t i travel any other EU country until getting my eAT?:(

    • You can travel within the 90days period of your visa, but after that, it will be risky, especially if you are going to cross borders. But if you already filed for eAT, they will provide you a paper that shows that your eAT is still in process so it will be okay to travel (but only within Schengen states).

  17. Helloo.. i just wanted to ask if i need to have show money for fiance visa?i hope you answer me soon.. thank you! 🙂

  18. Good day po! Someone just went here today “ CI po“. She said she will turn over now the information she got to the embassy to process. May question lang po ako mga ilang days or weeks kaya nila ibalik sa standesamt sa germany? sabi niya lang kasi sakin „soon once tapos na lahat icheck yong mga documents na pinasa“.Pinupuntahan po ba yong school,church at kung san pinanganak?

    • Hi! Depende sa investigator, minsan chosen lang pinupuntahan nya. With CI ay unknown gaano katagal talaga. Kasi usually by batch din magsend ng docs ang embassy to Germany. If doc mo palang yung asa table nila, di nila agad masesend yun to Germany. Kaya usually with CI ay it may take up to 6 months (or ung iba even 1year) ang waiting period for visa decision.

  19. Hi Good day po.
    I need help po sana kasi first time and no idea po talaga ako sa processing.
    My boyfriend from Germany ay gusto niya akong pumunta sa country nila with my daughter. Ano po bang Visa ang mas madaling makuha? And what are the requirements needed? Please help. Thank you po.

    • There is no fastest/ easiest way. Depende lahat sa location ng bf mo. You have an option na Marriage visa and sa Germany magpakasal or pakasal kayo sa Pinas and then with Family reunion visa. In both situation, family reunion visa sa child mo. Join our FB page Pinay in Deutschland, madami makakaadvise sa yo further dun.

  20. Hi po,

    Question po about the CI. Ano po ba usually ginagawa sa CI? Worried lang po ako kasi baka magtanong cla sa kapitbahay sa neighborhood namin and mejo hindi maganda ung relationship namin sa kanila.

    Question din po sa income bracket: if fiance lives in Berlin mataas po ba dapat income? Di naman sya low-income or anything, sapat lang, and magwowork din po ako as soon as I get there. Pag hindi po ba na approve dahilt dito, (Nacht nachgeweisen) pwede po ba mag re-appeal?

    Pag nasa Germany na po ba within those 90days, pwede pong mag travel within schengen area habang waiting for residency permit? And once may permit, yun lang yung time na pwede na magwork?

    Thanks po, sorry ang daming questions

    • 1.About CI. Medyo complicated, kasi depende sa investigator yun. Meron madaming time so sa kapitbahay magtatanong, merong madaming need iinvestigate so didiretso sa kamag-anak yun. No one can really say paano magiging procedure.

      2. Income bracket, if city usually mataas but not to the point naman na kelangan eh CEO level ang income. Depende din if the German ay may kids na din na sinusustentuhan. If average earner naman sya and regular job naman un (meaning not project-based or not just recently hired, iba asking for at least 6months payslip) ay should not be a problem.

      3. If “nicht nachgewiesen”, yes pwede kayo mag-appeal showing more documents proving na kaya nya talaga ikaw isupport for at least 3 months. But you should not worry about this if may regular work naman sya.

      4. Yes, your marriage visa is as good as Schengen tourist visa, you can travel in all Schengen states. But wag ka maghintay ng expiration ng visa before applying for residence permit after marriage. Processing and release kasi ng residence permit can take around 4-6weeks, depende how big ang town/city nyo.

      Good luck and God bless! 🙂

  21. Hi, I intend to apply for marriage visa to marry my fiance in Germany and I have questions regarding the Marriage Visa application form. I will copy paste below some of questions from the form.

    1. For “purpose of stay in Germany” should I tick the “family reunion” box or the “others” box and indicate marriage visa? Or is marriage visa considered under Family Reunion?

    2. “References in the Federal Republic of Germany (e. g. employer, educational establishment, relatives)” – Can my fiance be considered a reference? If not, should I leave it blank since I have no relatives as well in Germany?

    3. For “Intended duration of stay in Germany”, how many months should I put? I intend to stay in germany for the long term so I dont know what “end date” I should put?

    4. “Do you have health insurance that covers the Federal Republic of Germany?” – If I buy a TRAVEL insurance first that can cover up to 90 days at least until wedding day, should I tick “YES” in the box? Did you buy travel insurance too before you got married?

    Thank you!

    • Hi! To answer your questions,
      1. It is “others” since family reunion has different set of document requirements.
      2.Yes, it is your fiance. He is also the one responsible for you once in Germany.
      3.You may write here unlimited since you will get married in Germany and you will be granted a residence permit after marriage.
      4. Yes, 90-day health insurance is also one of the requirements you need to submit along with the application form, check the list of documents you need to submit upon your visa interview:

      • Thank you so much for the clarifications I appreciate it! It helps me so much. Just three questions and I’m done.

        1. Sorry just to double check again, the form asked “Do you have health insurance (for a longer stay) for the Federal Republic of Germany?” so even though mine is 90 day travel health insurance, I can still tick “Yes” on the box?

        2. “Do you intend to maintain your permanent residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany?” – Are they asking about my residence in my country of nationality?

        3. “Information on the applicant’s spouse/registered spouse” – Should I leave this blank since my fiance is neither of those?

        Thank you so much! Thanks for your kind help!

        • 1. Yes, since after marriage you will really need to get an insurance before they can grant you a residence permit.

          2. This question is intended for those applying visa in another country and not the home country.

          3. As far as I know this is for family reunion applicant, but be ready with information as well, the visa officer might ask you to fill it out if needed.

  22. Thank you for writing such valuable content. I have some further questions regarding marriage visa hoping you could help.

    How soon should I start registering for residence permit after I arrive in Germany? And when is the latest I can start registering?

    Am I legally allowed to work remotely from home in Germany after I received the marrige visa and arrived in Germany? My boss in my home country is ok with me to work remotely at home (I will declare to the German govt), and salary payment will be made through my local bank and I will transfer to German bank account. She is ok to contribute the employer social contribution part too (I will pay on her behalf in Germany). For instance, my intended marriage is on the 15 of January, I will arrive Germant in 1st of January 2021 (assuming that I will get marriage visa in December 2020). Can I declare that I will start my work remotely in Germany from 1st of January 2021? Or I can ONLY legally work and pay social contributions after I obtain my resident permit? I understand that I can only for residence permit after my arrival to Germany, and will take some time for them to process it.

    Thank you.

    • You can register for residence permit AFTER your marriage. You may continue working while still on marriage visa, but to work legally in Germany, i.e. getting tax ID, social security number, and get employed by employers here, you need to have your residence permit first.

      With regards to social contributions in Germany as a freelancer, it is different. After your marriage, you have to apply for Gewerbeschein (sort of like a business permit). Freelancers don’t need to pay social security in Germany, if your husband has government health insurance, you will be under family insurance until your freelancing salary meets a specific limit, I think it is starting €17000 or €20000 annual income, not sure though but the health insurance will let you know if you need to get your own insurance na. But if your husband has private health insurance, then you have to get your own private insurance right after marriage, with or without work.

      Taxes as freelancer is also different. You have to prepare your own billing for your employer, at this part I would suggest asking a tax consultant on when are you supposed to put VAT on your services and how much.You will then pay this directly to Finanzamt. At the end of the year, you have to submit separate documents for the tax declaration, the Finanzamt will then inform you after reviewing your family’s tax declaration if you still need to pay more or if you’re eligible for refund. In year 2013, I registered myself as “Nebengewerbe” (parttime freelancing), our tax consultant told me that my services are tax-free since it is not a regular job and the annual income from this doesn’t reach €17000. I also stayed under family insurance during this time. Church tax was also voluntary since I didn’t have a fulltime job. I don’t need to pay social security, Arbeitslosigkeit, Solidaritätbeitrag (this is only for specific regions in Germany) as a freelancer. As soon as I got a fulltime job, those are automatically deducted on my salary, my employer has his part there too. If that is what your employer meant, then they should also be registered as business here, you cannot pay those social deductions on their behalf. So if they are not registered in Germany, your only option is to register yourself as a freelancer and pay tax (if applicable, else just submit annually for tax declaration), church tax and health insurance (if private).

      If your employer is paying you in dollars, I would suggest being paid directly on your Germany bank account. Take note of the current exchange rate, you will lose lots if you convert from PhP to Euro, it’s quite impractical.

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