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Marriage / Fiance Visa: Getting Married in Germany

For those of you who have decided to get married in Germany, the first thing to know is that the process is long and depending on your personal situation, it can be very complex. Anne previously wrote a short post about getting married in Germany, but I would also like to share my experience with you in more detail.

I started the application process for my marriage visa at the end of January 2011 and I received the visa itself at the end of June 2011. During this time, I appeared at the German Embassy in Manila at least three times to submit documents and have the interview.

Since the process, duration, and requirements will be different on a case-to-case basis, let this post just serve as a guide. Do not expect that you will experience exactly the same thing.


STEP 1: Prepare for submission of initial requirements (the documents that are readily available in the Philippines. Note that some documents will have to be processed by your future husband in Germany).

– 2 completed and signed Marriage Visa Application forms
– 4 biometric photos
– valid passport
– original birth certificate
– signed security questionnaire
– proof of basic knowledge of German (A1) IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY
– original CENOMAR
– Affidavit of Parental Consent / Advise IF APPLICABLE (see my sample of Affidavit of Parental Advise here)
– copies of fiance’s Personalausweis / Reisepass
– visa fee: 60 EUR
– 2 photocopies each of orig documents

STEP 2: Book an appointment to submit the requirements using the embassy’s Online Booking System

STEP 3: Submit your documents to the German Embassy. The case officer will also explain the next steps about your visa application. He or she might also mention something about the Beitrittserklärung which is a document that the Standesamt in Germany will need to have in order to proceed with registering your intended marriage.

At this point, your fiance in Germany should also contact the Standesamt to check about the process and announce that the two of you would like to register your intended marriage.

Note: It is important that your fiance builds a good relationship with the case officer at the Standesamt at this early point because the two of them will be meeting several times during your visa application.

STEP 4: Your application is now in progress! In the background, the German Embassy is already communicating with the Standesamt in Germany.

After a few days, the Embassy will send you a notification via post if you need to submit anything else. Here is the notification that I received:

Additional Reqs Notification

As you can see, these documents from Germany are now being asked for, so it’s time for your future husband to do the legwork in Germany:

– Written confirmation of the German Standesamt at the application for marriage has been successful with intended date of marriage
– Confirmation from the Standesamt/Ausländerbehörde if checking of documents is needed (see Step 5)

STEP 5: Ask your future husband to contact the Standesamt so that they can confirm if checking of your documents is needed for the marriage visa. Here is the note that I received from the German Embassy with instructions about this matter:

Checking of Documents

STEP 6: The Standesamt in Germany will inform the German Embassy in the Philippines about whether or not the checking of documents is needed. This communication will be done internally, but your fiance might receive a copy of the email that they will send, which will be similar to this:

Checking of Documents 2

STEP 7: Technically, your husband cannot apply for marriage registration in Germany if you are not present. Therefore, you will need to sign a Beitrittserklärung IF you are not in Germany with him at the time that you are registering the marriage in the Standesamt. This document gives your fiance the right to register the marriage on behalf of the both of you.

In the message that the Standesamt sent the German Embassy, they have also requested that you sign the Beitrittserklärung (see the paragraph inside the green box below)

Beitrittserklaerung Notification

You will sign this document in the German Embassy, and they will be the ones to send it to the Standesamt.

STEP 8: The checking of your documents will normally take around 4-6 months, so this stage is going to be about waiting 😉

STEP 9: Once the checking of documents is completed successfully, the German Embassy will report back to the Standesamt that the process can continue.

Your fiance will be called back to the Standesamt so that a marriage date can be set and the Bescheinigung der Eheschliessung (certificate of registration of intended marriage, see image below) can be issued.

Bescheinigung der Eheschliessung SAMPLE

STEP 10: Ask your husband to send the Bescheinigung der Eheschliessung to you via courier, along with any other final requirements (for example, the Verpflichtungserklärung/Formal Obligation).

STEP 11: After you receive the final documents from your fiance, your checklist of additional requirements from Step 4 should now be complete.

Submit the final requirements to the German Embassy. If everything is in order, you will be asked to leave your passport so that they can do the final visa processing.

You are almost at the finish line! 🙂

STEP 12: A courier will deliver your passport to your specified address with the marriage visa sticker already attached.

Marriage Visa

Congratulations! You can now book your flight and get ready for your wedding in Germany! 😀

I hope this helps you in some small way…



310 thoughts on “Marriage / Fiance Visa: Getting Married in Germany

  1. Hi Reena,

    My boyfriend received a letter from Standesamt today asking us to submit additional docs. Well, it is in German so I can’t understand everything. I think they are asking for an affidavit saying that I am single but I am not sure. Can you help me please. Can I send you the photo? I also want to know if you sent these papers to them too. Thank you!

    • Hello Daryl,

      Yes, sure. I submitted a CENOMAR and Affidavit of Parental Advise since I was only 23 at the time of processing.

      • Hi,

        Is it possible for me to send you the paper? I just badly need some help in translating it. Please! 🙂

      • I’m so sorry. You may find this stupid but I can’t see your email address. Haha. I sent you a private message inF Facebook instead. 😉

      • Hi ms rheena ask ko lang sna pag da de na ano po gagawin. Nguguluhan po ako sabi mg fiance ko about legal capacity

          • hello po pano po yun test require pa po ba, nakapunta na ako sa DE, pero 2 weeks pa 2008, kasama ko pa yun aking anak na 3 years old , that time, now lang po kami mag papakasal after 10 years, kasi ang problema ko baka di me makapasa sa requirements nilang german A1-1, pwede po ba akong makakuha ng german visa with out the excam? anak ko 16 na at dun na rin mag aaral.

          • Honestly, I am not sure, kasi based sa mga kilala ko na may anak na German citizen, (mga below 16yo pa ang bata) at wala silang A1 na kinelangan isubmit. However, ang anak mo ay 16yo na, hindi ko alam if applicable pa din yun. Mas mabuting itanong mo na lang diretso sa embassy, may contact page sila na pwede mo gamitin para sa question mo.

  2. Hello,

    Can I ask if there is a printable file for Parent’s Consent because I’m still 23 yrs old.

    • Hello, the Notary Public will usually have a template ready. I didn’t have to bring my own printed affidavit, sila na mismo yung gumawa and my dad just had to sign it.

      • Thanks. How much will I need to pay for it?

        Another question, what are the requirements needed to be authenticated by DFA and how many copies for each?

        Is it also necessary to get NBI?


        • The price will vary. I suggest that you inquire at the specific Notary Public you plan to use. Mine cost around 600pesos, I think (but I’m not sure anymore).

  3. HI, Reena. It is such a helpful post. I just want to ask how long does it take from the time you submitted all the documents until receiving the visa (Between Step 11 and Step 12)?

      • Thank you, Reena, for the quick response. That’s comforting to know, most esp we’re in 2016 now, and hope it may get faster than that. hehe! Maybe we can meetup soon wherever in Germany.

  4. Hi Reena, my German boyfriend and I are planning to have a wedding both here in PH and in DE. We are now at a point of deciding if we get married in PH first and later apply for a Family Reunion visa, or apply for Fiance Visa now and get married in Germany after (we will have both weddings, anyway). Do you have an idea which is more advantageous in terms of ease of processing required visa and marriage documents?

      • Hi Reena, Good day!!! same lang din ba process ung sa case ko, buntis na Fiance ko and she will get to birth the baby on December. And we have to plan to get married next year. Thank you for this post ive learn a lot what to do.

  5. Hi!
    Is it possible for the german fiancee to get the things below para unang submission ko palang complete na?

    – Written confirmation of the German Standesamt at the application for marriage has been successful with intended date of marriage
    – Confirmation from the Standesamt/Ausländerbehörde if checking of documents is needed

    • Hello!

      Yung written confirmation about the successful application of marriage, definitely makukuha yan nung German fiancee from the Standesamt. Kailangan unahin niya yan para makuha mo na kaagad and present mo sa interview mo at the Embassy.

      Regarding the second requirement, if mabibigay na din ng Standesamt yung confirmation if your documents need to be checked kasabay nung written confirmation, then mabuti. Most likely, checking of documents will be needed naman talaga.
      Based on my experience, nauna yung interview ko sa Embassy tapos habang in process na yung application ko pa lang binigay ni Standesamt yung confirmation about checking of documents.

      • Thanks so much. Also for everyone out there, I wanna be helpful too. So I am sharing this. May mga nabasa akong blog na hinabol nalang nila yung A1 certificate nila, meron namang iba (mga nag apply 3 years ago), di na nirequire ng A1 certificate kasi may University degree sila. So I emailed the embassy last December. I am a Chemical Engineer and asked them if I can get exempted in submitting the A1 certificate. Eto ang reply ng embassy:

        “Kindly note the German Embassy that the German language exception based on the university degree is obsolete, hence it has also been removed from our website.
        That being said, you would still need to provide an A1 German language certificate.”

  6. Hallo!

    I’m a beginner about this matter. I have a fiance from Germany and he is planning to marry me in Germany. We never meet yet but he’s planning to come on June.

    Is Marriage visa and Fiance visa just the same?
    Is it possible if I don’t take Basic knowledge of German (A1) here in Philippines? because my fiance told me to do it in Germany.

    • Hallo! Yes, it’s just the same. Embassy uses the term marriage visa instead of fiance visa. And no, without A1 you can’t apply for the visa, it is one of the major requirements of the embassy. You can find the requirements at the embassy website.

  7. Hi po Merry Christmas.Yes same kami nga situation Ni CREATOPIC…d parin ako naka take nag A1 then my partner and I planning to apply for fiance visa this january pano po yon?were planing to do it in Germany by the time Im laready there.

    • Happy New Year! Language certificate is one of the major requirements of the embassy. I don’t think your visa will be processed if it is lacking the certificate. YOu can take the exam only and not attend the formal classes, there are enough practice exams in the internet. It is also advisable to take a course in PH, because it will be a real shock for you once you step in Germany.

    • Hello. Happy New year! Ako hindi pa ko handa for A1 kung magtatake exam agad. For now, aral lang muna. Mag aapply na lang ako ng Visitor’s visa, pagbalik ko fiance visa na.

  8. I have been reading alot of articles and blogs for a couple of months na. I emailed the embassy asking if it is better to get married in PH first then apply for family reunion visa or apply for fiancee visa tapos get married there. Here is the response:

    “In case you see your future in Germany it might be better to get married in Germany in order to have all documents according to German standards.”

    I want a Philippine wedding ceremony, ang struggle ko lang is I am Catholic, and super dami ng requirements. My fiancee is Evangelical Lutheran Christian. To be honest I don’t have the time to go through all the extra requirements of the Catholic Church kaya I am opting for a Christian Wedding.

    Kaso here are my problems (hope anybody there can help).
    Ayoko pa kasi magresign sa trabaho ko sa Pinas hanggat di pako aalis. April 2018 pa namin plan to get married sa Pinas, so kailangan ko na magapply ng fiancee visa ng mga August 2017. Say 6 months approval, edi Feb 2018 maapprove. Ok lang ba na pumunta ako ng Germany ng Feb/March 2018 just for the civil wedding, tapos balik ako sa Pinas para makapag resign pako sa work and syempre maayos ung Philippine wedding ng April. Tapos after Philippine Wedding, dun lang ako lilipad finally sa Germany to settle down (Mga end May)?

    • Hello!

      I think it would depend on the length of your marriage visa’s validity (i.e., if it is still valid after your marriage or if it expires exactly on the date of your marriage), and if the visa is valid for multiple entry.

      In any case, I recommend first accomplishing these initial critical steps in Germany after your civil wedding, in order to be sure that you will not run into any problems when leaving and re-entering the country:

      1. Register yourself at the local government and applying for an Aufenthaltstitel (residence permit) that will serve as a replacement of your marriage visa. This will allow you to leave and re-enter Germany with no problems. While you are at the Ausländerbehörde (Alien’s Office), explain to the case officer your plan of returning to the Philippines for a few months. He or she might be able to give you advice.
      2. Register your marriage at the Philippine Embassy in Berlin. It’s best to accomplish this shortly after your wedding in order to minimize the required documents. If you fail to register within 1 year of being married, you will need to submit the Affidavit of Delayed Registration – 1 original and 3 photocopies. “An affidavit must be filed if marriage was not registered within one year from date of marriage; if filed by mail, the Affidavitmust be notarized by a German Notar and authenticated by the Landgericht.”, according to the Philippine Embassy in Berlin.
      3. Applying to be covered under your husband’s health insurance (don’t underestimate the importance of this!)

      Admittedly, medyo conservative yung perspective ko on this matter. However, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when the matter is concerned about your legal status in Germany 🙂

      • Hi Reena,

        Thank you so much for the quick reply. Actually after typing my comment kanina, di na din ako nakatiis and I emailed the embassy again (sana di sila sakin nakukulitan). I stated my situation and infairness nagreply within 30 minutes.

        Eto ang reply:

        “Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, if your visa gets approved, it is possible for you to go to Germany for the German wedding there and then go back to the Philippines. I may add that, once your residence title (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) is issued, you can stay outside of Germany for up to 6 months without the residence title losing its validity. For more information your fiancé should contact the responsible Aliens Authority in Germany.”

        So pareho kayo ng advice, which is great kasi yan na din ang gusto ko gawin. Look at my plan:

        Aug 2017 – start marriage visa application
        Feb/Mar 2018 – approved visa (hopefully)
        Mar 2018 – fly to germany for the german wedding then balik sa Pinas agad (mga 1 or 2 weeks)
        Apr 2018 – kasal sa pinas and magresign sa trabaho
        end of May 2018 – fly to Germany finally.

        Naisip ko, after ng civil wedding sa germany next day magaapply nako kaagad nung residence title (Aufenthaltserlaubnis). Pwede ba yun? Kaso ganu katagal ba bago yun naiissue? Kailangan ko bang mag antay pa ng additional 1 or 2 weeks or more??? Kasi nga babalik pa ko sa Pinas. Or pwede ipadala nalang yun? Or nakakakabit ba yun sa passport like a visa?

        • The Aufenthaltstitel is actually a plastic card with a chip, like a credit card. It’s only valid in combination with your passport (so you will always have to bring both whenever you travel). It took 6 weeks for me to receive mine.

          Good idea for you to apply for the Aufenthaltstitel on the day after your wedding. You will get a receipt, which I suggest you keep with you at all times so that in case you run into problems if you use your marriage visa to leave and re-enter Germany, you can show that your Aufenthaltstitel has already been paid for and is now currently in process.

          Lastly, there is something called a “Fiktionsbescheinigung” (temporary residence permit). It’s a piece of paper lang. When you apply for the Aufenthaltstitel, ask about whether you will need to get this or not, since you will be traveling back to the Philippines before the Aufenthaltstitel card is released.

  9. Hi maam rena ! Good day . Which one will go first ? CI or appointment ? My fiance send my documents in german embassy 3 weeks ago then after 2 weeks nag CI . I would like to ask which one will go first ? CI or appointment .

  10. Hi MS Anne. Its me again jel. Finally we got married (civil wedding) this last 3rd of janaur . And on Jan 23 i will get our marriage certificate s NSO. And now asking for help for the next step .. Hope u can guide and help me again

  11. Hi, I will soon receive an invitation letter from my boyfriend and apply for visitor’s visa to visit boyfriend and relatives (my aunt) in Germany. I found him in Social networking and I never met him in real but I have aunt living in Germany. She is married to a German and has a daughter. My aunt already contacted him. He’s going to visit me here in Philippines this coming June, also it’s the schedule of departure. So, I am not going alone.

    I have the reason of coming back that I will be taking Licensure Examination for Teachers this coming September 2017 exam. I do not know what’s on their mind if I tell this. Do I have to tell this? Is this right?

    I have photos of my aunt but I’m not with her. How about if only the photos of my aunt? Do I need her contact number? What kind of proof that I need to show?

    Can you please tell me what other proof do I need to show?

    • For proof of rootedness, telling them is not enough, you should have a document at hand (e.g.confirmed registration for LET, COE and LOA from employer or something similar)… For proof of relationship, a copy of chat or email may be asked from you aside from pictures.

        • Hi! In the Philippines, BPI offers travel insurance for Schengen state. There are also companies such as Blue Cross and Assist Card that offers such. The prices can be found on their website, just google their site.

          If the travel insurance will be purchased from Germany, it can be availed from ADAC or there are insurance companies that offers them too. I personally used Hanse Merkur for my mom’s travel insurance because it is the cheapest for 90-day-travel (I think it cost me less than €100), and can be conveniently applied online. Changing of dates of insurance validity was also easy with them. Just google the website of Hanse Merkur or ADAC for more information.

          • Hi! You don’t need to book a flight yet, you just need this itinerary, or for some they call it “dummy ticket” or in some travel agencies, they call it “certificate of booking”. It is not advisable to buy the ticket prior to visa interview, buy it only after you got your visa.

  12. Hallo

    My visa interview will be on March 01, 2017. I have certification for six months contract of work in our municipality which ended on September 2016, I also reported from October to December 2016. Now, I just got work as a Gov’t worker in the same place. I don’t think they will issue me a Certificate of employment or leave of absence because I am just starting. Do you have any idea what kind of proof to show? I’m confuse

    • Hi! It should not be a problem to ask for COE and LOA, tell them to include that it will be for visa purposes, hence, the compensation and benefits should also be included. Another way to prove that you will come back is if you have a business or any land title under your name.

  13. 2 completed and signed Marriage Visa Application forms
    – 4 biometric photos
    – valid passport
    – original birth certificate
    – signed security questionnaire

    Tanong po sana ako kung pati rin ba sa fiancé ko in Germany need rin mag’provide nito?
    Hoping for a reply
    Plan po nmin magpakasal this year
    God bless

      • Thank you

        Ask ko sana need po ba talaga mc ng parents if kukuha ng fiancé visa?
        may conflict po kc sa birth certificate ko nakalagay dun kasal cla pero ang totoo di talaga cla’help nman po kung ano maganda kung gawin


        • Usually, they ask for it kung late registered ang BC mo, or kung required ang background checking. Sadly walang way out kung hingiin eto ng Standesamt. Magagawa mo lang ay to go sa PSA (former NSO) and do necessary corrections.

  14. Hi I am a Ghanaian and my girlfriend is German we planing to get married.the biggest part is already done with the embassy and the stantdesamt has one week now geven a date of marry pls how long will that take

    • Hi! The processing varies from city to city and the completeness of your documents and its authenticity. In some cases, a background investigation must first be done, which may cost longer waiting time.

    • Hey..did you finally get married. I’m also going through the same hurdle but pretty worried of the visa interviews.

  15. Hi po im new here confused lang po ako legal capacity balak po nmn paksal sa de. Need some help to clarify This. Thanks a lot

    • Hi! Anong legal capacity, galing sa yo? In that case, it means the CENOMAR sa atin. For Fiance visa, just follow the requirements na makikita mo sa embassy website. However, minsan kasi pag kumukuha ng schedule ang partner sa DE, may mga documents na hinihingi ang Standesamt, so if your bf pumunta sa Standesamt to inquire, and maybe the legal capacity (or NSO CENOMAR) is one of the requirements from you.

      • Ano po na Ang step pag yung Papers sa standesamt na po. Ilang weeks po bago mabigay Ang written confirmation po? Binasa po nmin marrying a foreignee in Germany sa embassy ng Berlin Need po yung legal capacity ano na po anh mangyayari after that? Ilang weeks po sa hc at mgkaroon ng Visa. Thanks a lot po

      • Good day!! Ask ko po sna how Long tlga pag yung Papers sa abh or higher Court po? Almost 1 month na sa higher Court la pa rin balita. My nkaexperience po na dito?

        • I usually advice wait at least 3months unless may sinabi silang time frame. Kung sinabi nilang in 1 month may result na, then pwede na kayong magfollow up, if wala namang sinabi then wait lang muna. Ganyan talaga visa processing, it will test your patience.

  16. Hallo paano ba talaga mg start ng fiance visa for germany? andito ako sa turkey now but i have already A1 certificate dito akon nag skol at ngkuha ng certificate, and gusto ng bf ko mg proces kami ng fiance kong pwede ba dito sa istanbul or need ba na umuwi ako sa pinas. kong hindi pwede uuwi nalng ako sa june tapos mgprocess pero no idea talaga ako how to start. i need your guide.thanks

  17. Hello again,ng decide nalang kami sa pinas nalng kami mg process para i have time din spending my time sa family ko kasi its been 2 years away from them.,ask kong lang anong needed ng bf ko kong mgpa registered na cya doon sa Munchen ng marriage visa?thanks

  18. hi ask ko lang sana kung meron same case sa akin, i get pregnant the 2nd time i visited my bf in germany and because of this we need to change our plans, plan namin this coming november kami pakasal and kase my work pa ako d2 sa pinas kaso nabuntis ako so nag apply kami ng family reunion visa for unborn baby last march pero i had a miscarriage on the 1st week of april while waiting for our visa, dahil don nag email agad ung bf ko sa embassy and nag inform sa standesamt at ABH na di na namin ituloy ung FVR dahil wala na ang baby namin instead we will apply for MV and last May 24 meron na pumunta sa bahay namin for CI while nka maternity leave ako from work… ang tanong ko po gaano katagal makabalik ung papers ko sa standesamt ulit para sa 11/121? at kailangan ko po ba ulit mag pa appoinment sa embassy? for MV? kase i already had last March for FVR? sana po may makasagot at maka bigay nga idea sa akin, maraming salamat 😉

  19. hello po..guten tag..ask ko lng po kc ntapos ko ng yung second interview ko last july 24,taz prior on that my nkapagsabi skin na after ng second interview ko kukunin daw yung passport ko..pero sa case ko po pnaphotocopy lng po nla passport ko then binalik sa akin…anu pomg ibig sabihin non??salamat po sa help and reply..

    • Nothing, just wait for the call. Most probably need pa niöa ipadala sa DE ang documents mo at need nila copy ng passport mo. Chill ka lang muna. Ung kinukuha agad ang passport ay usually tourist/visit visa, for national visa binabalik talaga ang passport after interview.

      • ahh okay po salamat sa advice..worried lmg kc ako bka my problema sa interview or sa documents nmin..

  20. hello po pwde po b mag tanong ang bf ko tga germany tpos nag plano kmi n mag pkasal doon s lugar nila ang kkunin ko ay fiance visa at pumunta siya s standesamt at may binigay n papel s kanya tpos ssend niya s akin sbi niya yun dw ang kkunin ko dito s pilipinas at ibibigay ko s germany embassy tpos hndi po akung nag inroll s school ng germany dito s davao ksi sabi niya n hndi dw ako mag aaral dito pagpunta k n lng doon s kanila ano po ba ang advice mo

    • No. Yung list na binigay ng Standesamt sa kanya ay dapat mo ipadala sa bf mo para makakuha kayo ng date ng kasal. Tapos saka ka mag-aapply sa embassy ng fiance visa or marriage visa. At hindi ka pwede basta pumunta dun, kailangan mo magpaappointment online. Kung wala kang appointment, wala kang reference number, hindi ka nila ieentertain dun. At isa sa requirements ang makapasa bg A1, hindi kelangang umattend ng school, pwedeng self-study lang basta maipasa mo ung exam ng Goethe.

  21. hello po ask ko where can i get this „signed security questionnaire“ which u mentioned above na 1 of the requirements and also is marriage visa same as national visa form? thanks in advance

  22. Hi it’s me cynthia i need ur advice ma’am .. I don’t what i should going to do first.. I apply first in embassy or taking study for a1.. Me and my bf planning to get marriage visa on dec. And i am 27yrs.old do i still need parental consent advice?

    • Hi! As far as I know, the A1 certificate is now one of the major requirements, so your visa application will not move if it is incomplete. Better have all the documents ready so that it will be processed immediately. And the slots for visa interview is not that easy by the way. As of now, I read from a FB group that the earliest appointment slots are for January 2018 already.

  23. Good day ,
    I am applying for a marriage visa and would like to know if I can submit all my documentation needed at the embassy without the „approval letter from stadtamt“
    I heard it takes 2-6 weeks depending on region and would like to know if I can apply while waiting for this paper .
    Thank you

    • Based on the list of requirements from the embassy website, your application will be rejected/ not accepted if you do not have any proof of registration. It is written in red on the list.

    • my friend who is applying for marriage visa submitted her documents to the embassy kahit wala pang approval sa stamdesamnt at tinggap nman daw kaso di pa muna e process at antayin ma completo tapos e habol nalang nag missing papers no need appointment na my eschedule lang what time ang walk in

  24. Hi,
    I just want to share, although I don’t know if you can help me. I’m just really tired and stressed out by everything that’s going on. We started the document checking process in early May, and it’s already been nearly 5 months. At the 4 month mark the Standesamt said the embassy in Manila needs a “couple more weeks” to finish. Nobody can give me a straight answer. Now I have to go to the US until mid-December for work (just 1 week before they close for winter!), which means even if the marriage license finally arrives, I won’t be able to apply for a visa until I get back. I have a wedding planned for Germany at the end of March next year, and the embassy here in Tokyo supposedly needs 1-3 months to process my visa application. I’m really hoping the embassy only takes 2-3 weeks between steps 11 and 12 as in your case.

  25. i have a question, sino po dito ang nag apply ng marriage visa here na my anak? ano po ba ang form na e fill up for me at for my son? kac sabi ng embassy sa email ill apply for marriage visa at anak ko family reunion, ano po ba pagka iba sa forms ng dalawa?


  26. good day sa lahat,

    ask ko lang kung my naka experience na sa tulad sa akin. nag apply ako marriage visa dapat di muna kasama anak ko kaso we change our mind na dalhin nalang so pina delay namin yong process, so if all goes well baka mga april na kami ma visahan kac pataposin ko muna anak ko dito kaso passport ko pa expire na sa March at yong documents namin ng anak ko na pasok na at antay nalang kami ng result sa stamdesamnt para schedule of marriage. sino kaya may ganito din, kac kung mag renew ako passport now di po ba mag iba ng passport #?

    salamat sa makakasagot..

  27. hello mga sis, ask ko po sana, mag end na po ung deadline to to submt form 11/121 next week, paano ko sasabihin na mag hingi ako ng extension at ilang beses pwd humingi? slamat sa sasagot

    • Write them an email that the processing for Form 11/121 is not yet done, hence you need an extension for the deadline.

      Di ko lang alam ilang beses pwede magpaextend.

  28. hello po ask ko po sana, pag dating po sa DE mga ilang years kaya pwd mag stay duon bago mag invite ng parents? thanks po.

    • Hi! Basta may fixed income, pwede mag-invite ng visitor. If married, kahit yung asawa ang kumuha ng formal obligation if yung asawa lang ang may work (one requirement kasi ang payslip para sa formal obligation). Take note lang, pwede lang qng parents pumunta as tourists, hindi gaya dito sa US na pwede i-petition ang parents.

  29. Hi Reena,

    I have a question. After my wedding in Germany, like lets say 2 or 3 days after, am I allowed yo travel to another schengen country (example: Spain) for 1 or two weeks and then i go back to Germany?

    I am getting married in Germany but my fiance is not deutsch, he is spanish. So we were planning to do a small celebration in spain after our civil wedding in Germany. I wonder if imigration will let me through or if they let me go back. I hope u can help me.

    • As long as your visa is still valid, it’s fine since Spain is part of Schengen State. But to be sure, go to the Ausländerbehörde after marriage and ask for “Fiktionsbescheinigung”. This will serve like your temporary residence permit.

  30. Hi good day ask ko lng po if sa pinas lang matagl mag hintay ng marriage visa, i’m currenty working in Singapore dto ko iaaply yung marriage visa ko.? ganun dn po ba katagl?

    • Based on story of others who applied from other countries as well (Israel and Middle East the most), it is also quite a long process. The docs will be forwarded from the embassy where you applied to German embassy in the PH for the document checking then GE Manila forwards these to the Ausländerbehörde (ABh) of the city where your bf lives for the decision. Then ABh sends it back to Manila with visa decision (or further CI request), then Manila forwards this decision to the embassy where you applied your visa.

      • Thanks po, if nka apply nko marriage visa. Pwed pa rn b pmnta ng germany as a tourist while waiting for the result? Or need ko mag aply as toyrist visa in other schengen state? Thanks

  31. can you please help me and please answer my question. yun husband ko po ay German and then kakasal lang po namin this year January 22, then umuwi na po sya,
    1. Problem i have son at may annulment po ako , kaso sa annulment ko di nakasaad yun custody ng bata, at ang nakalagay dun sa visa needs ng custody na nakasaad, pano po ngayun gagawin, may letter naman po yun ex husband ko last 2010 na pwede i travel yun anak ko, kaso di naman nakasaad na kung pwede manirahan sya dun. My son is 16 years old , pag annuld ako meaning sya isang illigitimate.

    2. Yun policy po now needs ng Germany A1, pano po kung di po ako makapasa ano po ang pwedeng gawin, my husband waiting for me, and this year needs ko na po makaalis,

    Please help me and please reply to my Question.

    Thank you.


    • First of all, congratulations for the two of you! Now on your questions:

      1. Yung kakilala ko, sa annulment certificate nya ay wala din nakalagay about sa custody. May separate paper syang nilakad para sa custody, parang affidavit something, pina-sign uli sa ex nya at pinanotarized. Better ask family lawyer or a social worker about this.

      2. Sadly, no other way to skip this part. Importante ang A1 certificate. Yung mga may anak sa German lang ang nakaka-skip nito. Just stay positive na maiipasa mo yun. Madaming sample exams sa internet na pwede mo mapagpractisan and join groups sa Facebook where you can practice your German. Hanap ka ng pwedeng maging partner to practice German sa mga FB groups ng mga Pinays na nasa Germany or planning to go to Germany (groups such as Pinay in Deutschland, Pinoys in Germany, Tara na sa Deutschland, etc.).

      Good luck!

  32. hello po isa pa pong question pano po next year my son is 18, do he needs to take exam po , thank you

    • Ang alam ko kung hindi mo kasabay ng visa application, yes, kailangan nya matapos at maipasa ang C1 level. Mula 16yo pataas ganyan ang rules.

  33. ah ok yun rules, kaso po kung gusto ko po sya isama at dun na rin sya mag aral dahil anak ko po sya, isa pa po kung mag aaral po sya eh pano sya makakapag aral dito kung ako nasa Germany, di pa po dapat na suportahan ko na lang sya duon para maka pag aral ng college/university dun sa Germany, eh sino naman po ba ang susuporta sa kanya sa sinasabi nyo pong tapusin yun C1 , eh kung andun na po kami mag asawa , wala naman pong willing na tumulong at gumabay sa kanya para tapusin yun sinasabi nyo po, isa pa di sana tapusin na lang nya ang ordinaring pag aaral kaysa sa C1 di ba po ba, tama ako,
    Di ba tama rin po ako na dapat suportan at maisama na lang yun bata at dun makapagtapos ng pag aaral dahil andun na rin po kaming mag papamilya, tama ba ako

    • Tama naman, wala namang sinabi ang embassy na hindi mo sya maiisama, importante lang talaga yung language proficiency para makahabol sya agad sa school dito. Wala tayong magagawa, iyan ang rules ng embassy. Pero nakalagay sa info sheet ay kailangan ang C1 kung hindi mo kasabay ang anak mong aalis. Mas mabuting tanungin na lang ang embassy mismo tungkol dyan kung kasabay mo naman sya ay baka hindi naman kailangang may C1 kaagad at sa Germany na mag-aral. Kung maiiwan mo lang sya, I mean kung hindi mo isasabay sa visa application mo, ay kailangan nya talaga ang C1 kasi sa edad nyang iyun, ay either nasa Berufsschule (school for Ausbildung) o naghahanda na para sa Abitur (exam para makapasok sa university), kaya mahalaga na bihasa na nya ang language para makahabol sya agad sa school. Wala ka bang kapatid o yung nanay mo para maging guardian nya kung mauna kang umalis? Isa pa pala, kailangan mong humanap ng private tutor lang, walang school na nagtuturo ng C1 sa Pinas, pero pwede syang mag-exam ng C1 sa Goethe Institut.

  34. Hi Kleineanne,
    Marriage visa po ang in-apply namin and then last January 16, 2018 po na-CI na po ako. Gaano po kaya katagal bago po mailabas ang result ng CI ko? Sabi po kase nung nag-CI sakin mga April daw po maiforward na daw po sa City ng fiancé ko yung result ng CI ko. Possible po kaya yon? Thank you po!

  35. Hi.
    I’m going through a lot.. I have been in an online relationship with my german girlfriend for 4 years now..2 years ago i tried to apply for a schengen visa to visit her but was rejected due to insufficient documents even though i was given chance to appeal but i wouldn’t appeal. We never gave up on our relationship until last year that we both decided to take on a fiance visa application.after my girlfriend visited the Standesamt she was given a list of documents that i needed to submit and i did submit the documents through her and our verifications went on successfully. Currently our papers are at the Regional court for approvaland later we shall have our marriage date scheduled. We have had everyday communication( whatsaap,skype,Email) with my girlfriend for the past for years that we have gone through all these processes. However how can i convince the Germany embassy about the genuineness of my relationship during my visa interview since i haven’t met my girlfriend for real. Kindly help me.

      • Thank you for this idea KleineAnne. I’m glad. Is there any other way out because I’m really feeling nervous about the upcoming interview. I wouldn’t either like to lie to the embassy officers about having met with my fiancee. I want to keep my reputation and honesty. Kindly help me out on how i can convice them during my interviews.

        • Just relax and tell them the truth, how you met (which website that is), how often do you talk/ chat, reasons why you haven’t met yet and why you both decided to marry despite the fact you haven’t met personally yet, etc. Just tell your story. Never lie, because your fiancee might be asked somewhat similar questions too at the immigration office in her place where your visa will be decided. It is important your answers will be the same and that is only possible if you tell them only facts.

        • I just had my interv LASt november and they didnt ask any proof that we meet or talk. Though i prepared printed pictures of us being together, tickets of our travel and our convo but they didnt ask them. Surely, they will ask you when did you meet but since you havent meet her/him yet better prepare some reasons why he/she didnt visit you. Areanfe your documments according to the requirements listes so that it would be easy for them to check if they are complete. Prepare a photo copy of passport front page and back page of your partner. 2 photo copies of each requirements.

  36. Hello.
    I would like to enquire from somebody here.. I and my fiance had submitted our documents to the higher regional court for the last verifications through the Standesamt unfortunately we were told that the Higher Regional court in Zweibrücken can not work on our documents before they are translated into German by a qualified translator. My question is,does anyone here know how long it takes to translate the documents and from Englsh to German and is there any recommendation of qualified translator that you know of?

    • Ask for the list of accredited translators from the Standesamt ‘coz as far as I know, their license is regional. As for the working time, it depends on the translator how fast they work, try to ask for quotation from different translators.

  37. Hello po sa lahat! Just wanna ask some ideas or suggestions po from the people here. Would it be possible to get married in Germany having a student visa? ( Planning to apply for a German language course visa po sana) and we (my fiance and me) planned to get married there as well,so, do you think it would be possible?If so, what are the possible requirements po?
    Thanks po sa lahat na makapagbibigay ng kanilang mga ideya.
    God bless!

    • Yes, it is possible pero kung 3 months lang ang language course mo, medyo too short for time ata, kasi in most cases ay pinapainvestigate pa muna ng Standesamt ang documents sa embassy sa Manila before nila ibigay ang date of marriage.

      To be 100% sure sa documents na dadalhin mo, tell your bf to go to the Standesamt and ask for list of requirements need nila to apply for marriage, iba iba kasi ang procedures na sinusunod ng cities here eh, meron na basic documents ay enough na, meron naman kahit hindi late registered ay hihingiin yung mga documents na asa embassy website (link sa end of this comment). In any case, bring major documents such as BC, CENOMAR, and if possible, lalo if late registered ang BC mo, bring na din mga documents found here:

      • I’m planning to apply for the one-year student visa in Germany po, and last month we have talked to a personnel from Standesamt and she handed us the requirements we have to give to her for the marriage application. Do you think po it’s better to send it ahead of time like this month and I’m planning to apply for the student visa next month? Will the marriage application affect the student visa application?
        Thank you so much po sa response.

        • I would recommend that you start the processing for marriage application after your student visa application. Embassy do call Germany to do a bit of investigation. If they find it out that you have an ongoing marriage application, it would be critical, because for them, it means you have no plan to go back to the Philippines and with language visa application, you are asked to submit a proof of rootedness to the Philippines, unless you have plan to attend the university afterwards, then they ask a different document for that.

          • Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and experiences. With regards to the Rootedness in the Philippines requirements,is it really necessary to have an approved leave of absence from work? Or will a document from working be enough for it it? (Ex. Appointment of work and first day of service) I’m actually a public school teacher and plan to resign if the visa works out so I im confused what i should provide to them with the rootedness document.) Hope you could help me more. Thank you!

          • Hello, as a piblic teacher you need to get a travel order approve from the regional director – deped, i dont know if it’s required in Germany embassy but when i went to singapore for a short vacation the immigration asked me about my travel order since i am a government employee, lickily i had it on hand.

          • Ah yes, true! Thanks for sharing your experience… I remember our neighbor din who was not able to board because she doesn’t have this document. She was supposed to visit her sister in Dubai that time.

          • Yes po. I have done the same thing po of accomplishing clearances and getting the authority to travel from the region office for my visit last January. But the case for my future application would be different coz I want to resign from work if the visa works out. And I’m stuck on what visa is better to get this April/May whether a student visa for my german language course or a fiance visa. The problem for the student visa is my rootedness would be questionable since I want to resign from work and with regards to the fiance visa, I still have to take the German test for A1 and the process is long. Me and my fiance are are looking for a fastest way to return there. Sorry for bothering so much and thank you as well for giving time for the advices and recommendations. God bless you all po!

          • This is quite difficult because the embassy and the Ausländerbehörde are very strict about this. I would recommend personally recommend to take the long but surer way, i.e. with fiance visa.

          • Public teacher din kasi ako hehehe so to make sure nalang just get all the necessary documents kac di natin alam baka masayang lahat ng effort at money, madali lang nman eh it may takes 2-3 weeks kc daming peperma pa hahahaha

          • In addition, dapat my clearance din kac peperma pati cashier heheheeh para alam nila wala kang tinatakasan sa pinas.

  38. Good day po. It’s me again.I would like to ask po sana regarding sa requirements for verification from Standesamt for Application for Marriage in Germany. The standesamt gave us the required documents that we have to hand to them in order to start with the Marriage Application. One of the requirements po is yung Form 137 (Elementry School Record). Does it have to undergo on a CAV process or a certified photocopy of it is enough already? They mentioned po kasi na the documents don’t have to be authenticated. Also, they mentioned that all documents must be original but it’s impossible to get an original form 137 since schools only hand in photocopies of it and just certified it as true copy. Do you think po na they will accept such document without the original? Thank you po sa mga sasagot.

    • Honestly, I am not sure about the Form 137 because I do not have a first-hand experience of being investigated. I suggest to join FB groups such as Pinay in Deutschland or Tara Na sa Deutschland to check if there was already similar case discussed there before.

      • Ah,okay po. Meron po bang mga cities sa Germany which do not require any verification process for the marriage application?

          • Thank you po. Ask ko lang po about sa A1 Certificate test sa Goethe Institute, is it very difficult? Any advice po? Hehehe, had taken an A1.1 lessons when I was in DE and just had to self study A1.2 for the test this coming April.

          • Not really, very basic sya… I suggest na take the Modelltest for SD1 sa Goethe Institut website, ganun na ganun yung exam, nag-iiba lang yung topic.

          • Paminsan-minsan ay tina.try ko po siya 🙂 Thank you po for all your helpful responses. God bless po!

        • Guten tag, just gi yo your elementary school and ask for form 137, purpuse ilagay mo is visa. Kung aning ubigay nila sayo yan Ang e submit mo sa stamdesamnt. Ok n yan

  39. Pingback: Timeline: Marriage Visa Process from Philippines to Germany - NEENALAND

  40. Hello..
    Somebody here guide me..
    My documents were finally sent to the higher regional court in Zweibrücken for final approval unfortunately they sent them back without the final judge approving them . she said i need to get my passport certified at the germany embassy in my home country. And send the passport copies that are certified to her. Is the Germany embassy responsible to certifying passports for non german citizens applying for a fiance visa? And i thought all documents including my passport copies were verified during the verification process of my documents. Can some one enlighten me about this?

    • Yes, they certify PH passports in the German Embassy. This is something that you need to do personally, that’s why you need to do it and is not part of verification. They returned your documents because the submitted documents are not complete. They will proceed with the verification process the time you have the required documents completed.

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