In this post, I will explain the steps that I did to process my Einbürgerung / German citizenship.

Again, the process will be different from state to state, so you might experience something shorter/easier than what happened to me. I heard from a few members of the Pinay in Deutschland Facebook Group that in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, for example, the process does not take so long, and the requirements are not as many as in Bayern.

Again, this will be quite a long post…


STEP 1 – Schedule a consultation with the responsible department at the Bürgerbüro.

The officer-in-charge will ask you a few questions and evaluate your case based on the prerequisites of Einbürgerung that I discussed here.

If the officer-in-charge decides that you are now eligible to apply for citizenship, he or she will then give you a list of the required documents that you need to submit. See a sample list of the requirements and brief explanations of each in this post.

STEP 2 – Gather and organize the required documents. 

Most likely, you already have a lot of the documents in the requirements list (for example, your Birth Certificate with translation, the Einbürgerungstest, Deutsch B1 certificate, etc.). Some of the other documents are simply forms from the Bürgerbüro that you need to fill up and sign (like the Einbürgerungsantrag, Entlassungserklärung, Loyalitätserklärung, and so on).

For some documents, you will need to ask for your German spouse’s support. Some documents might be needed from him or her also (like his payslips, and a copy of his passport/Personalausweis). You will also need his or her signature for the Erklärung eheliche Lebensgemeinschaft.

Remember that any document that is not in the German language will need to be translated.

The documents that you submit will be returned back to you, but you might want to make copies for future reference.

STEP 3 – Set an appointment at the Bürgerbüro to submit your documents.

Call your case officer to set an appointment. Do not just go to the Bürgerbüro without an appointment because the checking of documents will take some time.

STEP 4 – Submit all required documents in ORIGINAL.

Once your case officer sees the documents, he or she will determine if any additional requirements are called for in your case. He or she will also explain the next steps to you, and give you an estimated timeline of how long the process will take.

This is also your chance to ask any questions.


At this point, the only thing you can do is wait patiently.

In Step 4, your case officer also probably explained to you that a comprehensive background check will be done to see if you have any criminal offenses, if you have fully paid all of your due taxes, if you have ever received financial support from the government, and so on. Depending on which Bundestaat you live in, this process can take a lot of time.


If your background check turns out clean and no other requirements are pending, you will receive the Einbürgerungszusicherung via post from either the city (Stadt) or the government (Regierung).

Einbürgerungszusicherung sample

In the Einbürgerung process, this document can be considered as your first milestone. It marks the halfway point, which means success is near 😉

The Einbürgerungszusicherung certifies that you will acquire the German citizenship once you can prove that you have given up your Philippine citizenship. This is valid for 2 years, so you will definitely have enough time to continue with the next steps…

STEP 7 – Submit required documents for Renunciation of your Philippine Citizenship

As stated in your Einbürgerungszusicherung, you can only be a German citizen if you are no longer a Filipino citizen.

You will need to renounce your Philippine citizenship either in person at the Philippine Embassy in Berlin, or via post. At the PH Embassy’s website, you can view the requirements and process for renunciation in this page.

STEP 8 – YOU ARE NOW A STATELESS PERSON. Submit proof to either the Stadt or the Regierung.

You will receive a certification from the Philippine Embassy once your Philippine Citizenship has been renounced. It looks like this:

Bescheinigung - PH Embassy SAMPLE

You should also have received your canceled Philippine passport, with this stamped on the first page:

Canceled PH Passport

At this point, you are now a stateless person — neither Filipino nor German. It may sound strange, but consider this as the 2nd big milestone in the Einbürgerung process.

Submit both of these documents to either the Stadt (Bürgerbüro) or the Regierung, depending on which office sent you the Einbürgerungszusicherung.

STEP 9 – Receive notification that your EINBÜRGERUNGSURKUNDE has now been forwarded to the Bürgerbüro for processing. Pay the 255 € fee.

You will receive notification via post that the Einbürgerungsurkunde (your certification of the German citizenship) is almost ready.

You will also be asked to pay the processing fee of 255 € via bank transfer. 

STEP 10 – Receive notification that your EINBÜRGERUNGSURKUNDE is now ready for pick up! 😀 Submit the last requirements and be ready to party!

This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

In the notification, you will be instructed to call the officer in charge so you can set an appointment for pick up. You will also be asked to bring proof of payment of the 255 € fee, along with your canceled Philippine passport, your Aufenthaltstitel, and biometric passport photos.

Bring all of these to your appointment and claim your Einbürgerungsurkunde. There is no real ceremony with much funfare. You will simply be asked to read a declaration out loud and sign a few documents.

Congratulations, you are now a German citizen! 😀

Einbuergerungsurkunde SAMPLEOnce you claim your Einbürgerungsurkunde, you can head directly to the next department to order your Personalausweis and Passport.

There you have it — The Einbürgerung Process in 10 Easy Steps! The process is simple if your documents are complete, and if your records in Germany are clean (i.e., police, tax, employment, etc.).

Until next time…




  1. Good Day, I would just like to ask how long does did it take for you from applying the Renunciation Of Citizenship until you got the confirmation from the Phil. Embassy?

    • Hi! In my case, 2 months. (Submitted requirements along with Einbürgerungstest certificate feb.3,2015; received letter for renunciation mar.13,2015;went to PH embassy on the 16th and sent the renunciation to Regierungspräsidium on 20th; received letter that my Urkunde is ready on mar.29,2015 but got time to go there on apr.1st na.). I am not sure though how long it took for Reena.

    • Hello Caren, in my case, it took almost 4 months. The processing of my citizenship was not as straightforward as Anne’s (I needed to submit a lot of other documents related to my work), but the instructions were all very clear and I didn’t encounter any problems.

  2. Hi,
    I would like to know, after how many years of a marriage visa, a non-German citizen are allowed to apply for German citizenship?


  3. Hi did you sent the cancelled passport too together with the other document from Philippine Embassy to the Einbürgerungsamt?

    Thank you

  4. Hello Reena, I must say, you have explained very well.
    Just one question, how long does it take to get Einbürgerungsurkunde after submission of renunciation certificate to Einbürgerungsamt. I have given this certificate of my previous nationality cancelation almost 5 weeks back to Einbürgerungsamt, but haven’t received any answer yet.


    • Hi Ali,
      Sorry for the late response.

      If I remember correctly, I think it took between 5 and 6 weeks before I got the Einbürgerungsurkunde.

      Expect to hear from them soon 🙂

  5. Hi, do you have to give your passport and residecen card too? Or can you keep them while they do the process. Thank you

  6. Hi Reena,
    I recently applied for citizenship. I sent all the pertinent documents and application form on the 3rd of August and a week after that, I received a letter from the state to pay Eur 155. It seems like they have changed the process. Have you heard anyone who have been through the same? I still haven’t received any news from them.

    • Hi! I did pay something as well, it’s for the document checking and background check. I applied the same year with Reena so it isn’t really new.


      • Hi Anne,
        So I just got a letter today and they are asking for the result of the Einbürgerungstest. Is there a separate certificate for it? Coz when I took the Integrationskurs in 2012, I remember I also had the einbürgerungstest.

        • Hi! Yes, there is a separate certificate for it. If the Leben in Deutschland test in 2012 has 33 items, then you have to submit them this certificate, it is already equivalent to Einbürgerungstest. If not, then you still have to take the Einbürgerungstest.

          • Hi Anne,
            I only have the B1 certificate and the Integrationskurs and Orientierungskurs but I did take the Einbürgerunstest when i had the Integrationskurs. any of these certificate sufficient?

          • I understand. But in the past, Einbürgerungstest is still different from Orientierungskurs, hence I am asking how many items was your Orientierungskurs? 27 items or 33 items test? If you took the 33-item test, then your certificate is enough and just send them a copy of it. If you only had 27-item test, you need to take the Einbürgerungstest again, just like Reena and I.

        • Orientierungstest kurs is different from Einbürgerungtest although same set up and questions. After I did my orientierungs, I immediately registered for Einbürgerungstest.

          • Hi! According to BAMF website, if examinee scores 17 out of 33, it is already good as Einbürgerungstest. This took effect mid of 2012.

            “Was erwartet mich im Test “Leben in Deutschland”?

            Jeder Testteilnehmer bekommt einen Fragebogen mit insgesamt 33 Fragen. Auf dem Fragebogen gibt es zu jeder Frage vier mögliche Antworten. Die Teilnehmer müssen jeweils die richtige Antwort ankreuzen. Für 33 Fragen haben die Teilnehmer 60 Minuten Zeit. Der Test ist bestanden, wenn mindestens 15 von 33 Fragen richtig beantwortet wurden. Für den auch möglichen Nachweis der Kenntnisse nach § 10 Absatz 1 Satz 1 Nummer 7 des Staatsangehörigkeitsgesetzes ist nach § 1 Absatz 3 der Einbürgerungstestverordnung die Beantwortung von mindestens 17 der 33 erforderlich.”

  7. Hello Reena,
    Thanks for the Post.
    I hope to start my procession by Feb 2018. But i would like to know some things.
    I have been collecting state funds since 2015 till i recently started working teilzeit four months ago so no more funds. My man is german and works. Been married for 2 years and have lived in Germany for three and half years. My tax and pension is still very young.
    Is there a chance for application?
    I have most of the required documents.
    Fröhliche Weihnachten

    • Hi! I found this to be helpful in your situation:

      “Sicherung des Lebensunterhalts

      Zur Einbürgerung muss der Ausländer in der Lage sein, sich und seine Familie dauerhaft zu ernähren, sowie sozial abzusicheren (Kranken- und Pflegeversicherung; Berufs- und Erwerbsunfähigkeitsversicherung; Rentenversicherung). Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Prognoseentscheidung.

      Sind Sie noch nicht 23 Jahre alt, müssen Sie Ihren Unterhalt nicht aufbringen. Unerheblich ist es auch, wenn Sie ohne Verschulden Sozialhilfe oder Arbeitslosengeld II beziehen sollten.

      Ein Einbürgerungsanspruch besteht nicht, wenn Sie Arbeitslosengeld II oder Sozialhilfe beziehen; ausreichend ist es aber schon, dass Sie diese Leistungen beziehen könnten.

      Andere Sozialleistungen, wie Arbeitslosengeld I, Erziehungsgeld, stehen der Einbürgerung nicht entgegen, wenn nach einer Prognose zu erwarten ist, dass in Zukunft solche Leistungen nicht mehr beansprucht werden.

      Ausnahmen von der Unterhaltserfordneris bestehen nur bei öffentlichem Interesse oder zur Vermeidung einer besonderen Härte, ewa bei Pflegekindern oder Behinderten.” (Source: http://www.rechtsanwalt-familienzusammenfuehrung.de/einbuergerung-unterhaltssicherung.html)

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