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Dahilayan Gardens and Resort, Bukidnon

The resort on top of a mountain. Discover this place during my wedding preparation in 2011. The entire place is picture perfect: making this a favorite place for pre-nuptial photoshoots. The resort is  very charming and a good place for family getaways. They also accepts big event such as wedding or corporate functions.

view from Dahilayan Gardens

view from Dahilayan Gardens with the Hydrangea cottage


We stayed at the cottage called Amaryllis. It is a good looking studio type pad with a very nice comfy and home-y feel. The mini kitchen that comes with it have a rice cooker and a microwave oven. It also have plates and basic utensils. There are furniture outside the cabin so you can enjoy and chill while enjoying the view. From time to time during the day, you can hear people screaming either from fear or excitement from another park who are zip-lining. But at night time, expect a quiet evening. Grilling is possible as well. We always choose this versus dining in the resort’s restaurant. We always bought our own coconut coal and woods for this. There is no aircon in the cabin, but being on top of the mountain: it’s cool at night. They do provide electric fan to cool off during the day. For other details, go to their official website at .


Fishing area of Dahilayan Gardens


— They also offer camping, glamping and bonfire possibilities. For the bonfire, they provide for the woods.

— They also have their own fishpond where you can fish and have your catch cook for you.

— Bring fruits or drinks to enjoy the day.

— Bring mosquito patches or lotion with you.

— If you do not wish to overnight there, it is possible to go as a day tripper but with a minimal fee.


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