Filipinos and Balikbayan Box

Soon it is “ber-months” again and more often than not, we Filipinos start to think on best ways to send out gifts for our families back home. Just like in any other countries, we do also have Balikbayan box services here in Germany. But before I give you the list and contact numbers of balikbayan couriers, did you know that this type of service is something we have to thank Marcos’s regime for? Yes, it arose during the time of Marcos in the ’80’s, wherein they wanted to enlighten the overseas Filipino workers from the humongous amount of tax instilled on packages/ luggages of homecoming kababayans. Balikbayan boxes does not meant at first as packages shipped, but as boxes brought along by OFW’s as they come home (now I know how can our dear kababayans bring lots of boxes during flight, mostly from the Arab countries), but as Filipinos start to ask friends and families to bring their gifts when they go home (the “padala” system), the balikbayan box services was born. So much for trivia, here’s the list of trusted balikbayan box services in Germany. Please note that the list came from a document from the Facebook Group, Filipinos in Germany.

1. Josephine Böck – ships every quarter

(Note:I am trying this company for my box this Christmas, it is my first ever to send a box!)

DBC Door-to-Door Balikbayan Cargo

Herzog-Georg-Strasse 63

89415 Lauingen (Donau)

Fon: 09072/4176



2. Femia Caminero Seebach

Lutz Seebach Happy Box

Hinter der Jungenstraße 4

56218 Mülheim-Kärlich Germany

Tel.: +49 261 – 9 222 555

Fax: +49 261 – 9 222 557



3. KOJIETRANZ Balikbayan Box

Roel Bartolo

Messelerstr. 8,

63303Dreieich ,Germany

Tel. +49 6074 6974440 / +49 162 2612829



5. Transwing® Jane Hartung

Frankfurter Landstrasse 109

64291 Darmstadt

Telefon: +49 6151/370268

Telefax +49 6151/370259

Mobile +49 173/6506882



6. Binger Balikbayan Service e.K. – ships every month (Note: So far the cheapest, my neighbor is a satisfied customer, but I do not have personal experience with them yet.)

Emily Weydt

Mainzer Str. 555411 Bingen

Telefon: +49 6721 909040 / +49 6721 7057122

Fax: +49 6721 154753



7. Filipino-Service (ships every 2-3 weeks)

Telefon: +49 6266 96 99 99 9



8. Ben’s Balikbayan Box-Service



The Lhiza website ( also gave informative link of other Balikbayan services not mentioned by anyone in the Filipinos in Germany group page. Also, the Department of Customs also has a tracking website for you. Just visit the website at From the customs website, you can also find the updated list of active balikbayan box companies. Take note to transact only with companies with active license to operate by the customs to ensure the security of your packages.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with any company mentioned above. This post is intended for information purposes only. The decision to trust any of the mentioned company above lies on the reader and this website has no responsibility whatsoever on any possible misconduct of any of the companies mentioned.


2 thoughts on “Filipinos and Balikbayan Box

  1. Thanks for this info Ann! I find that sending Balikbayan Boxes is quite different here in Germany compared to what I used to when I was in Kuwait where I just need to make a phonecall & that’s it. Great help for a newcomer like me here.

    • I also just made a call amd she sent me my box na then called uli for pick up. It was a very smooth transaction and it’s my first time to send a box this year and I am really satisfied with Frau Böck. She updates us when it left the port and when it arrives in the PH. It may cost a bit more but the way she handles us customers is all worth it.

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