Family Reunion Visa / VISA

Family Reunion Visa or Familienzusammenführungsvisum

We’re now married! Now, what am I going to do? My question is this:

Where did the marriage took place?

  • If your answer is: In Hongkong. Here are my follow questions:
    • Did you submit already the apostille to the Philippines Embassy in Hongkong?
      • No, it is still with me.
        • Please go back to Hongkong and submit the apostille in the Embassy.
      • Yes, and I do have the original report of marriage as you advised in your post (link here).
        • Good. Now, you may proceed to submission of your ROM at the DFA.
    • How to submit the ROM at DFA Manila?
      • I will simply quote/ summarize the information found from
      • REQUIREMENTS FOR DELAYED REGISTRATION OF MARRIAGE: (Bring Original and 4 photocopies of the documents!)
        • REPORT OF MARRIAGE FORM (form prescribed by FSC 75-94)
          • Note:  a. Four(4) forms should be  ORIGINALLY FILLED OUT
          • b. Entries must be TYPEWRITTEN OR PRINT LEGIBLY
          • c. Entries must be at the time of marriage of spouses/subject
        • NEGATIVE CERTIFICATION OF MARRIAGE RECORD from the National Statistics Office (CRS Form No. 1) 

Note: Required only for applicants who are married for more than one (1) year

    • Note: a. If Marriage contract is not written in English, please have it translated before submitting

For applicant married in SWEDENGERMANYDENMARKESTONIAFINLANDLATVIALITHUANIA, AUSTRIA, BANGKOK and INDIA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of marriage must authenticate the marriage contract/ certificate.

  • BIRTH CERTIFICATES of both parties. (For Filipino, it must be in NSO Security paper. For Foreigner, make sure it is in English language, else, have it translated).
  • PASSPORTS of both parties valid at the time of marriage.
    • Note: a. Photocopies of bio-data and data pages
    • b. In case of unavailability, execute an Affidavit of Explanation and attach a copy of valid/recent passport or any valid ID
    • NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT OF DELAYED REGISTRATION (Note: Required only for applicants who are married for more than one (1) year)
    • NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT OF TWO (2) DISINTERESTED PERSONS (Note: Required only for applicants who are married for more than one (1) year)
    • Reminders:
      • Consular Fee: US$ 25.00 to be paid in pesos at:

Cashier, 2nd floor

DFA Office of Consular Affairs

Bradco Avenue corner Macapagal Avenue

Aseana Business Park, Parañaque City

  • Forms are available online ( or at Consular Records Division Windows (Tel. No.836-7744)
  • Processing period: Approximately 2 to 4 months 
  • Make sure you still have one original of ROM, you need this to process your family reunion visa!
  • Marriage in Denmark: Do you have the signed apostille with you?
    • Yes, I have it with me.
      • Please proceed to application of Family Reunion visa.
    • No, I don’t have it with me, it’s with my husband/ wife.
      • Ask your spouse to send it to you via DHL or FedEx, you need it to process your visa.
    • Is it already 3 weeks since you sent the endorsement letter to NSO?
      • Yes, and I already followed up and I can already request for my copy of marriage certificate.
        • Good, then proceed to processing of family reunion visa.
      • I was not able to follow your tip about the marriage contract.
        • I am sorry, but then you have to wait for 3-4 months before you can process your family reunion visa. As of now, all you can do is proceed to taking Start Deutsch 1 Exam in case you haven’t done yet.

The question has been answered, now here are what you need to do for processing your visa:


  • Accomplish all the needed requirements found here:
  • Please note that the list of requirements also contains details for your kids, in case you have a kid and you would want to bring him/ her with you at the same time.
  • Set an appointment for visa interview. A list will be given to you by the interviewer. This list consists of the documents you have already submitted and those that need to be submitted, usually the request for the background investigation is stated on the second column of this list.
    • Visa Appointment System is only done online. Check the embassy website for the link.
  • Scan the list and send it to your spouse. He/ She should contact the Ausländersbehörde or the Standesamt, and give your reference number to them. The email address and fax number of the German Embassy is also stated on this list. The employee of Ausländersamt/ Standesamt should send an email or fax to the embassy stating whether a background investigation is needed or not. If the area of your spouse does not know what to do, tell your spouse to simply show this list and point out the ones marked with “X” on the right column as well as your reference number printed as a heading of this list. It is especially written in German for the communication to be easier, I guess. Your reference number and name should be the subject heading of their email/ fax to the embassy.
  • If they request for background check, then wait for 3-6 months (sometimes even a year) for an update from the embassy. And you have to pay a specific fee for the investigation.
  • If there is no background check, the visa will be released in 1-3 months. The embassy will notify you either by email or through phone, so check your email regularly and make sure your phone is always free.
  • If the visa is already available, they will ask you to bring your passport to the embassy as well as your intended date of flight.
  • Within a week, you will receive your passport with visa, together with all the original documents via accredited courier (Edit: I think it’s togo now <10/04/2016>) and you’re good to go!

Congratulations! 🙂

Edit: Please take note that this post has been posted years ago, for updated requirements, visit the German Embassy website at


283 thoughts on “Family Reunion Visa or Familienzusammenführungsvisum

  1. Hi ms. Anne, may question po sna aq kasal na po kc kmi ni hubby pde po ba ako magparegister ng kasal namin dto s german embassy s makati? Ano ano po ba ang need ko daling papers, may PSA MC n kmi at may baby na din po na german passport n din.. And waiting for my termin pra s FRV po.

    • Once nainterview ka for FRV, yun na din yung parang registration ng kasal nyo, wala ng extra process to do that. Basta prepare all documents needed for FRV, most important ang MC at CEMAR in PSA paper.

  2. Hi Ms.Anne! It’s me again..
    Still waiting for the call from the embassy in Manila for my FRV.i already sent a follow-up email recently bit they told still on process and have more patience .
    I just want to ask if do you have an idea if they are doing background check in the city of Oldenburg in Germany ? Anyone residing in the same city? My husband is residing there and keep on checking with the foriegn office there but they told him that they did not recieve my docents yet until now(last Sept.6,2016 my visa appointment and just gave me my application reciept when I paid for the visa application after my appointment interview).Me and my husband are becoming crazy waiting for the result.I need your advice what to do to know how if they need background check on my documents pla it means more waiting time..
    Thank you so much in advance for those who have idea about my concern..God bless!

    • Hi! Sorry but I don’t know anyone who lives in Oldenburg. Anyway, the sending of documents from the embassy don’t happen right away, I mean right after the interview. They send documents to Germany by batch. So if the alien office said that there are no documents yet, it means the documents are still on its way to Germany. It is also stated in the website that national visa may take several months. The background check is decided by the alien office once they receive the documents. So just have more patience.

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply Ms.Anne…Sobra po talagang tulong ang blog na ito.More power and good health po sa inyong lahat na gumagawa at walang sawang pagreply sa aming mga inquiries.
        I hope next time n mag message ako dito ay good news na..More patience and more prayers for me and for everyone waiting like me.

  3. Hi Ms KleinAnne.

    Ask ko lang sana if totoo ba na pag pregnant no need to prove for german language course yun kasi sabe ng kakilala which is according lang din sa ibang tao. And if yes anu ung proof na lang na need as replacement for the language course. Thank you

    • Sorry, but I am sure only if may child na kasi yung proof ay yung BC ng bata na may pirma ng ama.. but pregnant palang ay I don’t know paano mapprove yun. Mga kilala ko kasi na no A1 ay may babies na, hindi preggy pa lang.

  4. Hi ms.Anne

    Nag aply po Kmi ng FRV last August 24,2016 at nong nag email po husband q s ABH ng Bremen dumating n dw po papers q don last October but till now po wala parin result at hindi p nila email husband KO if need b nila ng another documents. At October 31 po pumunta n mismo husband q s ABH pero wala din po ngyari at binigyan lng xa ng email nong team dw n humahawak ng mga papers.. ano po b dpat gawin?medyo matagal tagal nrin po kc antay nmin then wala nman po hinihingi n another documents which is THANKFUL po aq at di p cla ngterequest ng CI.. s ganon katagal request p po Kya nila aq ng CI?salamat po.

    • Hi! Just need patience, at least alam nyo nasaan na yung documents… e-mail na lang ng husband mo yung team na may hawak ng papers mo. Baka kasi nagbakasyon yung nagpprocess kaya natatagalan.

  5. Hi Ms.Anne ..
    Hello J.PRAP…
    Halos magkasunod lng pla tayo ng application ako kc Sept.6,2016.
    It means malapit n rin siguro makarating sa Oldenburg yung papers ko magkalapit lng kc ang Bremen at Oldenburg.I hope you still post here your updates regarding your visa. Thanks to this blog and to Ms. Anne dahil nagkakaroon ng hopes ang mga katulad natin..
    J.PRAP if you don’t mind can I have your mail or FB? If it is ok with you? Since you are also waiting for your FRV approval who knows magkasabay tayo and we can meet there magkalapit lng tayo..thank you

  6. Hello Miss Anne,

    I have a question po..
    Sino sino po ba ang nirerequire ng CI sa FRV? May nadedeny po ba pag FRV?
    Yun hubby ko po kasi arbeitslos sya.. Pero may valid reason naman po sya bakit sya nawalan ng work dahil sa recurring epileptic seizure nya..
    I have all the documents naman po na nasa website ng Embassy at may pinadagdag ako kay hubby..
    Eto po yun mga additional documents na nasa akin bukod dun sa nakalista sa website :

    – invitation letter from my parents in law
    – formal obligation from my father in law for me and my daughter (kasama ko po kasi un anak ko)
    – Medical records nya sa bawat pagbisita nya sa Doctor
    – Doctor’s testimony stating the fact that he really has an epileptic seizure
    – Past job contracts nya
    – copies ng income na nrereceive nya sa govt
    – copies ng monthly income na nakukuha ng parents nya as “Rentner”
    – Passport copies and Federal ID ng Parents in laws ko

    Ano po kaya maganda suggest nyo sa akin?
    Dankeschön po!

    • Hi! You will be migrating to your husband, not inlaws… Actually, formal obligation is not really necessary. The embassy will just ask for documents in the list. CI ay done to ensure na you are of good moral character (e.g. no hidden partner, no illegal transactions, etc.) and that all your documents are not fake. Arbeitslosigkeit ay hindi naman issue in applying visa, important ay may bahay sya at hindi obdachlos, and all these will be asked by the Ausländerbehörde, hindi ng embassy. So you can spare yourself from courier fee of these unnecessary documents. Yung federal ID of your husband and his informal letter (not the inlaws) are what’s important for your visa application.

      • My appointment is already done yesterday.. Ang nakalagay sa “means of subsistence” ko ay yun father in law ko.. Kasama ko po kasi ang anak ko.. Kinuha nila yun FO sken na nakapangalan ang anak ko at ako na susuportahan nila ako in all ways since Arbeitslos nga po yun asawa ko.. May invitation letter din kasi sila sa amin magina aside from my husband’s papers.. Seems all good naman po, Mam.. Talaga po ba na it takes 1-3mos?kasi may group po sa Facebook Sabi un iba raw 2-3weeks lang..

        • Hi! I see… it sounds to went well naman. Yes, standard na sinasabi ng embassy ay 1-3 months. May cases ng 2-3 weeks but hindi kasi lahat ganun. Lalo ngayon with all the refugees, tambak ang applications sa Ausländeramt. Yung Ausländeramt kasi ang magsasabi if approved or not, not the embassy, kaya if malaking city yung husband it can take really long compared to cities na maliit lang. Another thing na makakatagal is, if hindi ka pa na-background check during application ng legal capacity, there is a possibility (at pwede ding hindi) of background check during FRV. Just keep your phone lagi sa tabi mo and set the ringtone at higher volume and always check your email. 😉

          • sasabihin ng Ausländerbehörde yun or tatawagan ka ng Embassy to submit yung list ng mga address ng tinirahan mo saka yung payment para sa CI… if before marriage naman na-CI, dapat may binayadan husband mo noon na more or less 250€, for CI yun…

    • Hi Miss Anne, I’m here again :/
      Just wanna ask, how long it takes bago makarating sa Germany un mga papers na ipinasa ko sa Embassy nun Termin ko? May idea po ba kayo? Salamat po!

      • Hi! I am not sure, but I think may specific cut off sila weekly then may specific araw to send. So one way ay max.1week lang naman courier since hindi naman snail mail ang partner courier nila.

        • Hi! In my case, my husband told me 3 days after my interview. There was a checklist given to me by the Embassy, I scanned it and sent to my husband, on the second column was this info about CI, so he went to Standesamt and Ausländerbehörde and asked. The Ausländerbehörde told him they will email the embassy that no CI is required and at the same time he should submit the docs they need from him so that they can also issue the visa approval.

          • Ah ganun po ba? Kasi miss Anne, 3weeks and 1day na simula nun nagtermin ako.. Wala naman call or mail Embassy said akin, maski sa hubby ko.. Nagwoworried kasi ako, baka kung kelan 1month na saka ssbhn na may CI..

          • Nag-follow up na ba husband mo sa Ausländerbehörde if andun na application mo? Sad to say, visa application is a test of patience talaga, lalo ngayon na andaming refugees, tambak ang trabaho ng mga nasa Ausländerbehörde.

          • Hindi sya allowed Magfollow up Miss Anne, nakalimutan ng Embassy nun Termin ko na Bigyan ako ng authorization letter.. I asked him naman if may Nareceive ba sya na email or tawag sa Ausländerbehörde nila, wala naman daw.. Same with me.. We’re hoping nga na sana for approval nalang agad yun papers, hindi na need i-Ci.. Un kasi friend ko, November 15 Termin, a day after ng Termin ko na received agad un application dun.. So possibly ako rin, kaso bat ganun wala pang tawag sken kaya Kinakabahan ako 😦

          • May new rule na ganun, bawal mag-follow up? Kelangan ng authorization mo? Alam ko sa embassy bawal mag-follow up but not sa Ausländerbehörde. Anyway, patience lang, ganyan talaga visa application. Ako man noon, a week after ng info from my husband eh walang naririnig from Embassy, 3weeks bago sila nagparamdam kahit 4days after ng interview ko may balita naman na sila na ok na from Ausländerbehörde side, sa kanila na lang.

          • Hi Anne,

            Not sure if you already mentioned this before but may I ask how long did it take for your FRV application to get approved? Thanks 🙂

          • I waited exactly 5 weeks until I received my visa via courier. 3 weeks to get an update from embassy regarding additional documents needed, and then after submission of the necessary additional document, another week of waiting to get a call telling me I can submit my passport and the intended date of flight, and another week until I got my passport via courier.

          • Thanks, Anne! I’m done na submitting my FRV application today and fortunately, embassy said that I was able to submit all the required documents. Wishing and hoping na mabilis lang ma approve sa immigration office sa Frankfurt. Thanks again for all your help 🙂

      • Hi Julie,
        Just want to ask if me balita ka na sa application mo? Ako din kasi waiting for updates regarding my FRV application.
        Thanks 🙂

        • Hello.. Approved na po yun visa ko, we are flying to Germany na po on the 14th of January.. Bale nagtermin ako November 14,naapproved visa ko December sa anak ko, nagtermin sya ng December 1 tapos naapproved visa nya ng December so thankful to God kasi hindi na kami na CI..

      • Thanks sa reply Anne, Julie. Got feedback na din from Germany na sa Jan 17 daw approval ng visa namin..sana lahat ng andito maging ok na din ang visa 🙂

  7. Hi Ms. KleineAnne. Ask ko lang po sana if lahat po ba is nirerequire ng embassy ng CI kasi di ba pag nirequire ng CI mas tatagal ung process nung papers. And pwede bang ipasa sa auslanderamt un mga papers na naipasa dito sa pinas when applying ng FRV para mapabilis? Thank you

    • Hi! Yung Ausländeramt ang usually nagrerequire ng CI, hindi ang embassy. Ang approval ng visa kasi ay sa Germany manggagaling. Regarding the papers, I am not sure kung pwede kasi for sure may attachment yung documents lagi from Embassy, hindi lang yung documents mo. In my case kasi pinresent ng husband ko yung MC namin but the Ausländeramt said daw na they will email embassy, pero hindi kinuha yung MC sa kanya, so hindi sya makakahelp in reality. Depende talaga yan sa city ng husband mo how fast the processing would be and if need ng CI or not.

  8. Hi Ms. KleineAnne san po ba ginagawa ang CI dito sa pinas o sa place na titirhan mo? Ang process salagay is pass requirements for FVR sa german embassy tapos send nila sa germany then nasa auslanderamt kung irequest nila ang CI o hindi. Pag nagCI mapapatagal ang process. Thank you

    • Sa pinas ang CI, sa mga lugar na tinirahan mo. Ganito ang takbo ng documents mo:
      1. submission of documents for FRV at German Embassy in Manila.
      2. Embassy sends documents to Ausländerbehörde in Germany.
      3. Ausländerbehörde decides about CI. If they need CI, they inform the embassy in Manila. (If they decide that no CI is required, go to number 4.)
      3.a. Embassy will call the applicant to submit additional documents for CI and the payment. Additional document ay yung list ng mga tinirahan mo.
      3.b. After CI, Embassy send the report to Ausländerbehörde.
      4. Ausländerbehörde decides on your visa and sends back all documents to Embassy in Manila.
      5. Embassy calls the applicant to bring the passport to the embassy once they receive the documents from Germany.
      6. You will receive your passport with all original documents via courier.

  9. Hi miss kleineann, thank you for the infos! I have read the comment thread and i got some insights for my upcoming appointment for FRV at the German Embassy. In my case, nka pag document checking na po kami re:’examination of phil docs’ before ma.i.release yung Legal Capacity ng husband ko, at before din kami ikasal. Mapapadali na ba nito yung processing time ng FVR namin? And usually how long po ito? Salamat po

    • The embassy will still say the standard timeframe: 1-3 months. Ipapadala kasi nila yung documents to Germany and it will now depend na kung gaano kabilis kumilos yung Ausländerbehörde.

      • Tama po Ms KleineAnne. I have been there, and same standard answer ang sinabi which is 1-3 months. May I add pala na may changes na sa application ng FRV. Required na talaga ang A1 Certificate at hindi na pwede ihabol. And if they require you for other documents (like document checking), you have 1 month ultimatum to complete it, no excuses. I admire you for being patient and always helping out without making unnecessary sarcastic remarks unlike other bloggers (just my two cents). May you continue to help others and be blessed in return

        • Yes, the A1 ay dapat masubmit na din on the day of interview. Thank you for sharing additional information for other readers. You’re welcome and thank you as well for following this blog! 🙂 God bless!

          • Just an update, 5 months na po ako nghihintay ng visa… I was wrong, expecting na hindi na kailangan ng Examination for my new set of documents (like marriage certificate, psa index cert.) dahil sa tapos na po ako ng examination of Philippine Documents dati nung nag.apply ng legal capacity ang husband ko. Sadly,the ABH told us that they will need further verification of our marriage documents from the PSA thru the Embassy.

  10. Hi!, Just a question po. My mother is already a German citizen. Can my brother who is currently living in the Philippines 21 years old can apply for Family Reunion Visa and later on apply for residency?

  11. Hi Ms.KleineAnne…
    Ano po b ibig sabihin ng background check of legal capacity and paano po gagawin yun? Ano po kaya problema baket po till now wala p rin pong update sa FRV application ko almost 4 months n rin po kasi..I am so worried about it.Meron po bang nadedeny sa FRV?Please help me understand,thank you!

    • Hello! That is CI, may CI kasi that occurs before marriage meron naman during visa application. Your bf needs to pay the fee and then just wait. Kaya it takes a while for the legal capacity to be released dahil they are still waiting for result of the investigation.

  12. Hi NHESCEL18 congrats! Ask ko lang sana nung nagpasa ka ba ng requirements for FRV lahat nung nasa german embassy na requirements sinunod mo lang or may naiadd ka pang iba para wala ng hingin ang embassy thanks.

    • Hello. Aside dun sa mga nakalagay sa website, I submitted din the copy of my husband’s job contract, contract sa apartment sa Germany and ung copy ng insurance naming family. Even ung copy ng previous schengen visa ng mga anak ko when we vacationed in Germany, sinubmit ko na din. Kasi ung visa nila na un nasa old passport pa nila.

      Medjo iba kasi ung case ko since I am not married to a German citizen. My husband is also a Filipino but he is working na in Frankfurt.

      • Hi NHESCEL18. Thank you sa pagreply. Ganun a try ko din isubmit sya incase
        Hindi ka na naiCI? Yong asawa ko kasi Irish sya so maybe try ko din isubmit ung karulad ng sa iyo.

      • @PRECIOUS

        from what I understand, pag me CI you have to pay extra. I did not pay anything extra so I guess, hindi na ako na CI. Hindi na din pala ako nag take ng German course. Hindi na ako nirequire ng embassy 🙂


        Ask ko lang if you have any idea. Just incase I will personally submit my and my kids’ passport sa embassy, irelease kaya nila ung visa within the day or imemail pa din nila un? Thanks

        • @NHESCEL18 Thank you sainfo. Ask ko lang how come hindi ka na nirequire ng German course if pagsusubmit ng papers ng fvr is together na ng language certificate? Thanks

      • @Anne..salamat sa info 🙂

        Yes, dapat kasama na ung language certificate sa ipapasa on your scheduled appt sa embassy. Hindi na pwedeng to follow. Actually, me mga exceptions naman sa mga spouses when it comes to the language course. Like if blue card holder ung husband mo, the spouse is not required to pass the A1 certificate. In our case, we had to verify sa immigration ofice sa Frankfurt if need ko pa mag laguange course and they advised us na no need na pero during my appt, I brought my college diploma just incase hanapin. Pero shempre, I am still planning to enroll sa german class once nasa Germany na ako. I am actually doing a self study na via duolingo and medjo marunong na ako ng mga basic words since nakapag stay na ako sa Germany before 🙂

        Pati ung formal obligation, hindi na din nirequire sakin. Tapos, my husband’s company provided an invitation letter for us. Then pinagawa ko din hubby ko ng invitation letter from him naman.

  13. Hi just want to ask how long it takes for FRV and if it’s possible to grant this evening if you are not married with a German.I was in Germany for 3 times for a Tourist visa with my 3 year old son who is holding a German passport I’m since 5 years relationship with my German boyfriend who is the father of my Son but we’re not married.We are planning to apply for FRV this year

    • yes, as a mother of a german child, you can apply FRV but no, it cannot be granted overnight. standard processing time will be followed, i.e. 1-3months

  14. Hi Ms. Kleineanne

    Ask ko lang po regarding sa question number 11 Trade or profession for which you trained and, if different your current trade or profession. Wala po kasi akong trabaho ngayon kasi hindi ako pinayagan mag trabaho nang husband ko.

    At question number 12 Intended duration of stay in Germany. How many years po ba dapat ilagay? Kasi wala din po ideya yung husband ko.

    At sa question 13 naman po ang mean of subsistence. Ang husband ko po ba ilagay ko dun kasi ciya naman nagsupport sa akin ngayon. Salamat

  15. Hi miss miss anne good morning!may mga katanungan po ako.nakasal po kami ng asawa ko dito pilipinas at napa endorce ko na rin po ang M.C namin last january 20.sabi 60 working days..and now im waiting..if may mc is released and some of my papers will be ready it is possible to bring in embassy?or i need to wait my a1 result.hd po ako na ci before my weďding.and i have 1 child.po

    • According sa updated list ng embassy, they prefer na sabay na ang A1 certificate, unlike before na pwedeng i-follow. But you can set appointment na, kasi ubusan ng schedule, for sure the time na interview mo, released na ang A1 certificate mo nun,

  16. Hi po Ms. Kleineanne
    Ako po ulit ito tanong ko lang po sa question number 7 do you intend your permanent residence outside Federal Republic of Germany? Ano po ba dapat ilagay. Termin ko na po kasi sa March 3 dinobouble check ko kung tama na lahat sa question 7 po hindi po ako sigurado kung ano ilagay.

    • Hi! Alam ko may sagot lang yan kung may residence permit ka sa ibang bansa pa and ikkeep mo yun. But kung from Pinas ka at punta DE, “no” lang.

    • Hi KleineAnne it’s me again. Ask ko lang sana need ko pa bang ipasa ung marriage certificate namen from NSO or ung Report of marriage na lang galing sa philippine embassy sa Oslo at marriage certificate na lang namen from Denmark ang ipapasa kasama ng ibang requirements pa. Thank you

  17. Hi Ms. Kleineanne,
    Salamat po sa pag reply ulit. Natapos na po ang Termin ko kaninang umaga. Kailangan ko esubmit original MC namin kasi dinala niya sa Germany pagbalik niya.Tanong ko lang po saan banda po makikita ang full reference no. po dun po ba sa Kassenzettel? Salamat po ulit and God Bless

    • Yes, dun sa paper na binigay sa yo with list ng kulang na documents, andun yung reference number… RK ata yung start nun, nakabold letters sa taas..

  18. Wala pong number dun sa list na ibinigay sa akin. Meron nakalagay sa upper side ng Kassenzettel start ng DEU kasunod na mga numbers.

  19. Baka bago napo atah kasi wala na dun sa list andun na sa Kassenzettel. Tanong ko lang po yung name nang father ko sa Birth certificate ko ay iba sa name na nasa CEMAR ko ano po ba dapat gawin? Mas matatagalan po ba ang process ng Visa?

    • Baka mali lang type sa CEMAR? Kuha ka lang ng bago and submit mo yung bago. Possible matagalan kung ung sa BC mo mismo yung mali kasi posibleng ipacorrect ng embassy muna yun.

  20. Parang sa Birth certificate ko po ang mali. Kasi kumuha ako noon nang CENOMAR tama naman name ng Father dun lang po sa Birth Certificate ko iba ang pangalan ng Tatay ko.

    • Tingnan mo mabuti yung documents mo. Pag BC icocorrect aabutin ng 4months ata pag Manila at 1yr pag province. Wait ka na lang muna advice ng embassy if dapat ipacorrect or hindi.

  21. @STEF

    Hi Stef. Ask ko lang sana gaano katagal naprocess and frv mo? Nirequired ka nila ng CI? Thanks

  22. Hi Precious. Bali nag termin ako nung March 3 na approved and Visa ko nung April 3. 1 month lang ang process ng Visa ko. Hindi na cila nag require nang CI. Depende yata sa City nila kung require bah nang CI or hindi ba. Sinubmit ko lahat ng documents pati original marriage certificate namin from Hongkong.

    • Hi @Stef! Thank you sa pagreply and congrats din sayo. German ba ang asawa mo? Ask ko lang din sana kung meron ka ng list ng mga requirements na pinasa mo lahat sa embassy kung pede makikisend sa email ko Maraming salamat

  23. Hi i am married with an austrian citizen. Passed already my requirements for family reunion last march 21,2017. Do you have any information or know something if how long is the processing? Hope to hear from you son

  24. hi Miss Anne,

    I applied for an FRV for Germany last March13, hanggang ngayon po ay wala pa. My husband called the Alien Office in Munich and sabi na pre-approve na daw ung visa ko pero kelangan pa i-send dito sa Manila. pag po ba ganun, do you have an idea on how long it takes bago mai-pasa dito sa Manila ang approval? and once it’s sent po ba, may idea din po ba kayo kung gaano katagal before nila ako tawagan to submit my passport? wala naman pong nirequire sa amin na iba pang documents. and to add po, Canadian citizen po kase ang husband ko with a residency in Germany. factor po ba yun kung matatagalan ang process or it’s all the same? Mejo nagiging anxious na po kc kame ni hubbie.

    • Hi! There’s nothing to worry pa, it’s still within the time frame of 1-3 months processing. Not all cities in Germany processes visa within a month. As far as I know, it usually takes 2months for documents to travel to and from Germany. Once received by Embassy in Manila, they would probably need 1 or 2more weeks before they call you to submit your passport. There are cases too when it can take more than 3months for some personal reasons of offices your application goes, such as the personnel is on vacation and no one else is informed on the status or what needs to be done. So I can say that you are already lucky to get info from Munich. And your husband’s citizenship has nothing to do with it. It will be processed equally.

      • hi Miss Anne, thanks for the response! 🙂

        so if i understand correctly, physical documents po ung isesend ulit ng Alien office in Munich dito sa German Embassy? kase po the last time my husband talked to them, we were under the impression na online po ung confirmation nila. if that’s the case, matatagalan pa nga po siguro. 😥

        we are newly weds din lang po kase. we were living in Dubai then natransfer lang yung husband ko to Germany kaya di kame sanay ng magkahiwalay. thank you po for the info and your blog is really helpful.

          • ah okay po. thank you so much for your response. actually, my husband got a call from the Alien office in Munich na approved na po ang visa ko and they have sent the confirmation last Friday, 28th of April. we will patiently wait nalang po for the German Embassy in Manila’s call as to when i can bring my passport for visa stamping. thank you po and i will update here as soon as i get the go ahead. siguro po i will post na din ung timeline ng process ng visa ko and our story para din po sa mga readers nyo. thank you for making this blog and for promptly responding to my inquiries. have a wonderful day Ms. Anne. 🙂

  25. hi miss Anne! I got my visa yesterday and im flying out on Tuesday, May 9th. yaaaay! finally going to be with my husband after almost 2 months of waiting. 🙂 and as promised, i will post the timeline of my process. hope it also helps answer some questions your readers have during/before embarking on this journey. so, this is our story…
    November 17, 2016 (Dubai) – our wedding day!! happiest day of our lives!! 🙂
    after we got married, we found out that my husband will be sent by his company back to Germany after 2 and a half years working in Dubai. we then have to find out how i can come with him as his spouse in Germany.
    we checked their website and read all the requirements and found out that a Report of Marriage was needed for the application. we have registered our marriage at the Consulate General in Dubai as soon as we got our marriage contract back with the attestation of the Dubai courts, but unfortunately, we have to wait for at least 2-3 months for our Report of Marriage to be released by the NSO.
    we then checked for appointments and found that the earliest available appointment at that time was in March. (we checked appointment dates in December) so it was roughly a 3 month wait just for an interview. we booked the earliest possible date, which was March 13th. we figured it was perfect because of the time needed for our ROM to be released.
    we didn’t want to be apart for 3 months + the process of my FRV, so we figured that i will apply for a Schengen Visa as soon as i get home to the Philippines and spend the waiting time with my husband in Germany until my FRV appointment.
    January 1, 2017 – my husband and i had to say goodbye to Dubai, which has been our home for 2 and a half years, and also the most memorable city for both of us. my husband going to Germany, and me, going back to the Philippines.
    January 9, 2017 – my Schengen Visa interview at the German Embassy in Manila. the questions were pretty straightforward and not at all hard. it was just basic things that they need to know about why am i going to Germany, and also about my husband and i. so i told them the whole story.
    January 13, 2017 – i received my passport with the Schengen Visa via 2go. had to pay 170 upon delivery but it was surprisingly fast.
    January 22, 2017- flew to Munich to be with my husband 🙂
    *a lot of fun and new things i’ve experienced in Munich. it is a very beautiful city. had to adjust with the cold weather tho. but moving on…
    March 11, 2017 – my husband and i flew back to Manila for my FRV interview on March 13th. (my husband stayed for 2 weeks with me until he had to fly back on March 25th)
    March 13, 2017 – with all of my papers/requirements ready, we went to my interview. everything was good except for they also asked for a CEMAR apart from our Report of Marriage which was kinda a bummer because it clearly states in the requirements list that if you were married abroad, all you need is an ROM. but then what can i do? hehehe. so after the interview, i called the NSO hotline number and ordered it right away.
    March 17, 2017 – received our CEMAR in the mail, made 2 copies and sent it all out to the German Embassy via courier.
    March 20, 2017 – got a confirmation that the German Embassy received my CEMAR.
    *then starts the waiting game. as i was very anxious of being with my husband again, i would search endlessly on the internet for blogs and information about FRV. lo and behold, only this time have i heard about the CFO seminar that was a requirement before you can leave the country under an FRV. OMG! good thing i saw it. i think i found out on March 26th. when i checked, the earliest appointment on the website was April 7th, so i just went ahead and booked it!
    April 4, 2017 – a series of earthquakes hit Batangas province and by me being here, naturally, my husband was very worried. he then called the Alien Office in Munich to check on my documents and to ask if there is any way to speed up the process since Batangas was then declared under the state of calamity. he then talked to a very nice lady at the office and found out that my documents still haven’t arrived and that she will take note and call him as soon as she receive my documents.
    April 7, 2017 – went to my CFO seminar appointment. it was pretty informative and fun, i must say. i really enjoyed it. maybe im just weird. hehehe. got my certificate after but couldn’t get a sticker yet since they only issue it to those who have their visa on hand already. but i figured that it’s good to get it out of the way since im not doing anything anyway. decided to just get the sticker the same day that i pick up my passport with the visa.
    April 12, 2017 – the lady from the Alien Office called my husband to inform him that my documents have arrived and she asked for our rental contract for our apartment as an additional document. my husband then sent it to her via email. but since it was the holy week weekend that time, he didn’t hear from her until Tuesday the following week.
    April 18, 2017 – the lady from the AO confirmed the receipt of my husband’s email and have also informed him that she has already pre-approved my application, but since her supervisor was on vacation until the 24th, we couldn’t proceed until then.
    *so then we waited patiently.. again…
    April 28, 2017 – we got a confirmation from the same lady, that my application has been approved and has already been sent to the German Embassy here in Manila.
    *but of course it was Friday afternoon already and it was the Labor day weekend. so i had to wait again at least until Tuesday to get a response/update. so then i decided to draft an email stating that we have already been contacted by the AO in Munich that my FRV has been approved and sent already. i planned on sending it on Tuesday night just in case they don’t call me then. (hahaha. excited much.)
    May 2, 2017 – the morning passed and i just couldn’t wait. after having lunch, i decided to send the email that i drafted since Friday. hehehe. after an hour of sending, the phone rang. ALAS! it was the German Embassy in Manila. telling me that my visa is ready and to take my passport to the Embassy and told me the specific times i can do that. i then asked if i brought it the next day, when can i expect to pick it up? (for the purpose of buying the ticket). they said if i drop it off on a Wednesday, i can pick it up on Friday. my husband bought the ticket right away, sent it to me, then i printed it out. he also bought me insurance for 1 month since it was also a requirement to be able to travel to Germany.
    May 3, 2017 – i went to the German Embassy in Manila to submit my passport for visa stamping. i submitted my passport, my flight details, and my insurance. it was really quick. i was in and out of there in 20mins. 🙂
    May 5, 2017 – picked up my passport with the FRV 🙂 they also gave back all the original documents that i have submitted during the interview. it was also really quick. after picking up my passport, i then went to the CFO office for my CFO sticker. i was in and out of the CFO office in 10 minutes. this was because i already filled out the CFO information sheet beforehand. so when i got there, i just went straight to the window and submitted the info sheet with my passport. after 10 mins, they called me and it was ready. 🙂 so i advise you to get the info sheet during your seminar, fill it up and keep it, so that the next time you come back for your sticker, you don’t have to fill it up there. saves a lot of time. 🙂
    i know this post is long. i wanted to be as specific as possible because i know the feeling of having sooo many questions in mind. i hope this helps someone.
    to miss Anne, thank you very much for having this blog up. it gave me hope and lessened my anxiety about the process, knowing that a lot of us have also been there and done that! God bless you and take care always. 🙂

    • Hi Ms. Sarah G what kind of insurance does your husband bought? Cause I’m flying to Germany also next month.

      • Hi Stef! he got it from Allianz. you can just buy it from their website tapos they will send you the policy through email. 🙂 congrats and happy trip!

        • Salamat, is it travel insurance or health insurance? Cause i have only travel insurance include on my flight ticket.

          • I don’t know what exactly it’s called pero covered lahat eh. Pati if u break something at a store, or makaaksidente/maaksidente ka, pati health kasama na. May iba iba naman silang package you could choose from. May iba iba din duration. They will compute the cost according to what plan you are availing, and how long you you need it for. Ako kase 1 month lang kase after that, i’ll be under my husband’s insurance.

    • HI Sarah,

      My fiance and I plan to get married in HK this September, I was thinking to take the a1 first as it is one of there requirement. However as I read your post it seems like they didnt require you A1 for FRV.

      Should I still work for the a1?

      • Required ang A1 for FRV. I mentioned that. Hindi required kung may anak na kayo na German passport holder, or kung non-German bf mo living in Germany. Pero pag asawa ng German automatic required ang A1. I dunno exactly ano nabasa mo, but maybe namisinterpret mo ung kwento ko na during my FRV ay more than 1 year na yung A1 ko (acc to embassy ay expired sya), but since tinuloy ko until A2 kaya sinubmit ko both A1 and A2 certificates nung interview ko, kaya di ako pinaulit ng A1 exam.

        • Thank you po sa response Ms Anne, I’m referring po sa post ni SarahG. Hence, mag aask nlang po ako kung mahirap ho ba ang A1 exam?

          • Lol! Sorry, but wait din if magreply si sis Sarah…

            Madali lang if prepared nang mabuti. Madaming sample exams sa internet to practice…

          • I backread Sarah’s post. Canadian kasi husband nya kaya wala syang A1, gaya sabi ko sa first comment ko, if non-German ang spouse, no need ng A1. 😊

    • Hi Miss Sarah G and Miss Anne,

      Nag send Ako ng CEMAR via courier, Kasi Mali po ung Cemar Nasinabmit ko. According po sa Courrier(WExpress by DHL) na received po at na released sa authorized representative , pero wala po akong natanggap na confirmation email na na receive ung document from the embassy. nag email no po Ako sa embassy but no reply po. It has been a nearly a week. Nag apply ko Ako Tuesday(Nov.13) then, na send ko ung document on the same day. Natanggap po Thursday(online tracking po). Should I get worried?

      Thank you indvance.

      • As long as no call/ e-mail from embassy, I think all is fine. Wait for the call na lang regarding your visa status. Or you can also try to do a follow up by using their contact form kung gusto mong mapanatag talaga loob mo. 🙂

  26. Hi KleineAnne. Ask ko lang sana sa question # 10 References in the federal republic of germany(employer, educational establishment, relatives) n/a ba ilalagay ko dito since wala naman ako kakilala aside sa asawa ko.And sa ibang question if hindi applicable sa akin n/a din just to put something thank you.

  27. Hello Miss KLEINEANNE,gusto ko lang sana itanong if alin ang mas mabilis e-process na visa FVR or fiance visa?at alin ang mas maganda yung ikasal dito sa pinas or sa germany? kasi gusto sana namin ng partner ko na dito na sa pinas ikasal at gusto din namin na mas mabilis na madala nya ako sa germany..patulong naman po ako kung alin ang mas mabilis at mas mainam na gawin..salamat po

  28. Hello Everyone! Sino po dto nka experience nag background check na umabot ng 6months ?or 1year?.

  29. Hi Ms. Anne….
    I will have my visa appointment interview on Jan. 2,2018. I took my A1 exam last week but I am not sure if I passed the exam, praying so hard that I got it.
    Pero paano kung di po ako nakapasa and the next possible exam that I can take is on February n po kc tapos n deadline for the January A1 exams sa Goethe. Will the Embassy still accept my visa application even I don’t have the certificate and I will tell them that I am going to take the exams again? I don’t want to loose my appointment kc alam naman natin n mahirap makakuha ng slot sa online visa appointment.Please advice po..
    Thank you so much in advence and more power and may the Almighty bless you more!

    • You may try, during my time ay pwedeng to follow yung certificate. I heard meron ineentertain kahit wala yung certificate. Swertehan lang siguro if mabait mag-iinterview sa yo. Just bring the result kahit not passed, to prove na you thought aabot yung result kaya nagset ka ng appointment, you just didn’t expect yung result. But better to think positive na passed ka para lesser gastos and time. 😉

      • Hi Miss Anne! Almighty is really Great, I got the result of my A1 and I passed it!!!
        Now praying for the next step to be smooth and easy..thank you so much for your advises and motivations.I will keep posting here for your readers also .God bless you more Miss Anne!

  30. Hello ms kleineanne, thank you sa blog mo. Last week ng sumbmit ako ng requirments sa auslanderbehorde sa hassfurt after ng wedding s Denmark. Sbi blk daw ako SG para mag aply ng FRV. Appointment ko now ok nmm lht ng requirments, pero bkit d binalik passport ko sakin. Hndi b tlga bnblk pagg ng aaply? Thanks.

    • Normally, ibinabalik kapag national visa kasi minsan natatagalan. But baka may experience sila dyan sa SG na if kasal sa Denmark ay mabilis lang ang process kaya di nila binalik.

        • So far, wala pa kong naririnig na nareject na FRV. May take a while lang, I know cases na they waited for 6 months or even more, but they get the visa in the end.

          • Last week ngpunta kmi ng auslander sbi ng staff na ng receive ng papers namin wla daw problem sa papers and kapag tunawag ung Singapore sabihin daw nila ok na. GOOD SIGN kaya to?

          • Yes, super bilis na nyan then… My friend here ay ganun din sinabi sa kanya before she went back to PH, after 3weeks andito na sya uli. 🙂

  31. Thank you miss kleineanne yung blog mo tlga sinunod nmn ng spouse ko. Pati ung blog mo how to marry in Denmark. Ung agency na yun dun din kmi nag apply ang bilis lang. 😊😊

    • Pagdating mo sa Germany, punta agad sa Rathaus para magregister as resident and then sa Ausländerbehörde to apply for residence permit, your FRV ay valid for 3 months lang, kaya before it expires ay dapat nakaapply ka na ng residence permit. The requirements for the residence permit will be given to you at sasabihan ka din nila about attending Integrationskurs (Deutschkurs bis B1 und Leben in DE-Kurs)

    • Processing mabilis lang but yung residence card aabutin ng 1 month, hindi na kasi itinatatak lang sa passport yung residence permit ngayon, may separate residence card na. May ibinibigay naman na paper habang wala pa yung card.

  32. Hallo kleineanne… Thank you sa blog mo laking tulong talaga… 😍

    Ask lang po pwde paki send sa email add. Ko ang requirments ng FRV.. please 😊


  33. Ask lng po sana ako kc ngsubmit ako ng papers nmin ng anak ko for checking of documents.pero pano yun kinuha nila yung papers nmin ng anak ko for verification of documents pero dpa nman ako ngsubmit ng application for family reunion visa my son is acknowledge by his german father pero dpa kmi kasal. Sabi ng embassy manila that i need to wait for 5-6 months to finish the checking of documents..ano po ang susunod na step? Mgpapa-appointment po ba ulit ako this time for application ng family reunion visa

    • Hi! I don’t understand din paano nila kinuha yung docs sa yo kung hindi ka pa nagpapainterview for visa. Paano nangyari yun? As far as I know, you need to have an appointment there before you can enter the embassy. They only get the docs once you submit a visa application kasi they willl provide a reference number for you.

      • Thank you KLEINEANNE..
        Bago ako mgpunta ng embassy ngpa-appoinment muna ako online for acknowledgement of the father ng anak ko pero yung papers na dala ko that time is yung birth certificate ng anak ko na may annotation na nkapangalan na yung bata sa apilyedo ng father nya.. Nung interview ako ngtanong ako after ba ng verification of documments whats the next step,?next step po ba yung pgkuha ng passport sa ng anak ko at next yung visa?ang sagot saken sa embassy after ng verification of documents with 5-6 months we will call/inform you, maybe that time we will call you back here then thats the same time for your son for passporting and so ang sabi saken then binigyan ako ng reference number.. Kaso dpa nman ako ngpasa ng application form for family reunion visa… Ano ba dapat ko gawin?

        • Sya nga pala dala ko lahat that ng papers nmin ng anak ko that time,at yun yung mga papers for family reunion visa..tapos sabi sakin nung ng-interview your papers are all complete all you need to bring back here are these binigyan nya ako ng copy ng mga hinihingi pa nyang documents at yun yung birth certificate ng mga siblings and then marriage certificate ng parents ko at yung baptismal ko at form 137 ko nung elementary..

          • And i send it back through post via LBC..then i recieved an email from the interviewer confirming that he recieved the documents that ive sent..and he said that the verification of documents will start that day..and he said that please wait and remain while the process start until 6 months i can not make any questions during the process because they will not give answer..tgey will contact me when it is finished..yan po yung ano po dapat ko na po ba yung proseso ng family reunion visa?eh bkt dpa nila kinuha application form?

          • Hindi sya FRV. Sa pag-apply ng Kinderreisepass ay may namention din na document checking dun sa checklist. Asa passporting ka palang. You need a separate appointment para sa visa mo.

        • I just searched sa embassy website. What you did ay for the Kinderreisepass palang, so after the checking ay tatawagan ka para sa passport ng anak mo. You need a separate appointment para sa visa mo but once you apply for FRV ay pwede mo din gamitin ang reference number nung document checking para hindi magdoble. During FRV interview ay iaask ka kung may idea ka kung nainvestigate ka na, just mention na by the time na inapply mo ng passport anak mo ay nagdocument checking na sila.

          • Ahh ok so need ko ulit mg set ng appoinment for FVR for to submit nung application form then yung mga documents dna ako kailangan mgbigay ulit ng panibago ssabihin ko nlang yung reference number..hndi ba ako mgkakaproblema about that Miss KLEINEANNE?ngwoworry kc ako bka mgkaproblema..

          • May ibang set of documents na kailangan sa FRV, yun kailangan mo icomply uli kasama ng application form. Just check the website for the list of documents. Yung part lang na document checking yung imemention mo sa kanila during the interview.

          • So kailangan ko ulit kumuha ng panibagong birth certificate(PSA),CENOMAR(PSA), my passport, at yung iba pa na naibigay ko nang mga papers nmin ng anak ko? Kailangan ko pba ng A1 certificate kung ang apply ko is yung minor na anak ko,automatic ba na kasama ako sa maeesuehan ng visa?naguguluhan kc talaga ako..

          • Dati kasi ay exempted ang may anak na German sa A1, hindi ko alam kung ganun pa din sa ngayon, hindi na kasi ako active magbasa sa mga Facebook groups kaya not really sure, in case na kailangan ay may monthly exam naman sa Goethe, bibigyan ka ng bagong deadline ng embassy to comply the missing documents. Oo, need mo magsubmit uli kasi yung una mong sinubmit ay para sa pagpapapassport ng anak mo, this time ay para na sa visa mo. Isa pa, may expiration ang CENOMAR, kaya so oder so ay kukuha ka talaga uli. I think yung authenticated passport copy ay may expiration din. If automatic maiissuehan ka ay depende sa magiging result ng background investigation mo, depende sa city na titirahan nyo (titingnan din nila kung may enough space sa bahay ng ama ng anak mo at kung capable ang bf mo na sustentuhan kayo) but so far, basta kumpleto at hindi peke ang documents, ay wala pa kong nakilalang ina ng bata na nadeny sa FRV.

            Ang ibig kong sabihin na documents na pwedeng maskip ay yung mga BC ng siblings mo, ng parents at school records, yun ang mga documents sa investigation. After interview kasi ay bibigyan ka ng bagong list, nakalista dun ang mga nasubmit mo na at mga kailangan pang isubmit, sa list na toh ay automatic yung investigation, sa case ko ay tinanong ako kung nainvestigate na ko, kaya sa yo malamang itanong din yun at the end of your interview. Pagdating sa question na yun, just mention etong investigation during the passport application of your child, para hanapin na lang nila sa system nila yung result nun para sila na mag-aattach sa application mo. Ang FRV application kasi ay ipapadala sa Germany para ang city na titirahan nyo sa Germany ang magdedecide sa visa mo.

          • Ok,maraming salamat KLEINEANNE sa tulong mo, ngaun naintindihan ko na.., so to make sure kailangan ko nlang ulit kompletuhin yung requirementS for FRV pano yan mgstart palang ako this month na mg-aral online sa goethe institut, kailangan ko ba matapos at mkapag-exam before ako mg-set ng appointment for FRV application?

          • I would suggest na mag-apply ka ng visa mo kapag may German passport na anak mo kasi isa yun sa requirements ng FRV mo, copy ng passport ng anak mo. As to A1 ay iask mo ang embassy kung kailangan mo ba (use the contact form sa website) kasi wala akong makita na official info sa website nila about it at sa exemption, andami na kasing changes sa embassy the last years. Nag-email na din though ako sa kanila to ask about it, but syempre para may first hand info ka din, ay you can email them as well.

          • Ok,thank you so much sau Miss KLEINEANNE.. salamat sa pgtulong mo sa mga katulad ko.. Naway marami kapang matulungan. More power to you and God bless you always.

          • Hi! Sumagot na embassy sa akin, hindi mo kailangan ng A1 as mother ng German child. Just complete the other documents for FRV na makikita mo sa embassy website.

  34. Hi Miss KLEINEANNE, isa itong magandang balita kung ganun, pero nkapag-enroll na din kc ako sa Goethe Institut..ok narin nman cguro na matutunan ko ang german yung need ko pang hintayin na matapos yung yung verification ng documents at mapapassportan ang anak ko bago ako mg-set ng appointment sa embassy?or pwede na ako mg-apply for FRV kahit wala pa passport anak ko?tapos kailangan lo narin cguro e-renew yung passport ko kc mg-expire na xa this coming December. maraming salamat sa pagtulong mo sakin. God bless you and your family always.

    • Kailangan mo yung German passport ng anak mo para sa FRV, yun kasi ang magiging katibayan mo na German ang anak mo since hindi pa kayo kasal ng father nya. Maganda din naman na may background ka na ng language bago pumunta dito, para hindi ka din dependent lagi sa bf mo, German ang daily language kasi dito, at mabibilang mo sa daliri ang mga willing makipag-usap in english, kahit mga doctors. At least wala kang pressure ngayon na kailangan mong ipasa yung exam.

  35. Oh ok, salamat naman kung ganun Miss Kleineanne, kc narecall ko lng dn kc yung sinabi sakin ng pinagbigyan ko ng documents sa embassy that it has 5-6 months time for to wait sa documents checking at after that daw baka pg ok na mga documents baka sa pagtawag nila sakin ulit that time narin daw yung sa pgprocess ng passport ng anak ko..baka,or depende malalaman daw after ng documents checking…salamat dn dahil nabawasan ng konti yung pressure about sa A1 certificate…pero sabi mo nga mas maige na ang may kaalaman ako sa salita nila or marunong ako ng salita nila jan sa germany..i hope to meet you personally Miss Kleineanne..salamat sa pgtulong sakin..

  36. Hi Miss KLEINEANNE,

    ask ko lang po sana kung meron bang background check na mangyayari sa case ko na my Schengen Visa po dati 2011-2014 pero ang nag issue ng Schengen ko is Switzerland Embassy? (BF ko dati Swiss) Ngayon po kasal na po ako sa German Husband ko na taga Munich. worry lang po ako baka po mahihirapan po ako. thanks po sa sagot.

    • Hi! Background check depends on the city in Germany. Hindi based kung anong type of national visa ang inaapply mo. You will receive a notification from embassy if humingi yung city ng investigation.

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